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1. Business periods purpose

Business periods are meant to share some actions by time ( for example, menuborad screens usage, reports view on cash station and on manager station) region, restaurant and conceptions.

2. Business periods creation

To create new business period You need to choose from Menu "Options > "Head Office" > "Business Periods".  Using pop-up menu choose "New business period".

New business period creation:

It is obligatory to enter name  and change status to Active in the properties of the new Business Period. 

3. Settings of business periods usage 

For setting of business periods usage You need to choose "Options">"Head Office">"Business_Periods Usage".  In left part of the window there is the list of existed business periods and in central part the conditions of the usage and in right part  the Inspector window.

Setting of Business periods usage:

Business Periods usage can be done by Periods, Regions, Restaurants, chosen dates,time. Conceptions. It's possible to join several settings, for example: Period and Region,Active From and Restaurant.

NOTE: Settings "Period" and "Active From.."  shouldn't contradict each other. 

3.1 Business Periods Usage by Periods 

By using Business Periods by Period Business Period will work under the conditions of the usage.(see. pic. 3). In pop-up menu You can choose required Period.

Business Periods Usage by Periods:

Reference " Orders" -> "Periods"

3.2 Business Periods Usage by Regions

By using Business Periods by Region Business Period will act only for restaurants, belonged Region that was chosen from the list «Region» (see. pic. 5). In the list You will see regions which are created in  «Options»-«Head Office»-«Regions» (see. pic. 6). Region is the property of the restaurant.

Business Periods Usage by Regions:

Reference  "Region"

3.3 Business Periods Usage by Restaurant 

By using Business Period by Restaurant Business Period will act only for restarant which is chosen in the Inspector on the right.  in string  «Restaurant» (see. pic. 7).

Business Periods Usage by Restaurant:

3.4 Business Period Usage by chosen time interval 

By using Business Period by chosen time interval busiess period will act from time,date which are specified in string  «Active From», till time and date specified in string  «Active till» (see. pic. 8).

NOTE: Information "Period" and "Active from..", "Active til.." shouldn't contradict with each other. 

Business Period Usage by chosen time interval:

3.5 Business Period Usage by Concept 

By using Business Period by Concept business period will act only for restaurants working by this concept. Concepts can be created in "Options">"Head Office">"Concepts" (see. pic. 10). Concept is the property of the restaurant. 

Business Periods usage by Concept:

Reference "Concepts"

4. Business periods use in MenuBoard

Using business periods You can set time when settings and different screens of menuboard will be shown.

You should open "Extensions" -> "Menuboard using"  then choose restaurant that You need and in the properties of the Business period choose Screen that You want to see at that time.  

5. Business periods with Interactive Reports

5.1. There are analyst reports in Interactive Reports:

Report  "Service Rate by cashiers"

Report "Service rate by waiters"

Report "Rate tables"

Report "Day Matrix"

"Dish Sales" report