1. General

1.1. There are 2 possible connections: to printer (fiscal printer or regular POS printer with drawer port) and to POS computer (cash station). UCS supports drawer port on FIRICH terminals

1.2. There are 2 voltage exist: 12V if drawer connected to terminal and 24V if connected to printer.

1.3. RK7 system has logical unit - drawer shift, which is normally goes together with cashier shift in case of cash drawer logical device exists in cashier station configuration and assigned to usage (conditions are valid at the moment for the station mentioned). Example settings see below.

2. POS connection

2.1. Standard drawer port

2.1.1. As any regular port it has address and bits to send to.

2.1.2. To enable logical port for application (doscash.exe) you have to install port address provider service. RK7 has "Port32.exe" service in \BIN\WIN\ folder for that.

2.1.3. Port settings you can get from device manual.

2.2. RK7 manager settings

2.2.1. Drivers For model FEC Glaive RT-665D settings are the following.

2.2.2. Logical device Set logical drawer(s) as following. Assign your logical drawer(s) to usage.

3. User operations

3.1. If you want to use several cashiers and each has own drawer, enable parameter "use logical drawers".

3.2. If you want to link cashier to drawer (register on drawer), set corresponding parameter value to "automatically" or "by usage".

3.3. If you want drawer be opened automatically on order payment, enable "Open drawer" property for necessary currencies.

3.4. Manually open drawer you do with button linked to preset operation "Open cash drawer" from Operations selector "Payment" group. In case you got no button like that in your active selector, put this button in.