1. General information

1.1. Customer display types

1.1.1. There are 2 line and graphical displays.
1.1.2. 2 line display may have 20 or 24 symbols per line.
1.1.3. Similar to graphical customer display RK7 supports windows second screen.

1.2. Setup display with manufacturer utility

1.2.1. Usually for graphical displays some utility exists (for example, LD777 utility is LD_777.exe).
1.2.2. You are able to set proper charset (DOS one) for your language.
1.2.3. You are able to set your images and image changes interval.
1.2.4. You are able to change number of lines to show on display.
1.2.5. You are able to set instructions mode (Epson, for example).
1.2.6. Follow supplied manufacturer manual for how to use the utility (both are in the CD from display package).
1.2.7. For RK7 graphical displays are also 2 line ones (you are able to set only 2 line mode in display utility options).

2. Device connection and OS settings

2.1. Connection

2.1.1. Connect the device to cash station PC suitable port.
2.1.2. Use original or suitable power supply to turn the device on.

2.2. OS settings

2.2.1. Set that port parameters in OS settings if necessary.
2.2.2. Keep these settings in mind for RK7 driver configuration.

3. RK7 manager station settings

3.1. Add driver

3.1.1. Open "Service" -> "Stations and devices" -> "All" -> ... and add corresponding port driver to proper cash station.

3.1.2. Add customer display driver to the port from 3.1.1.

3.1.3. If you need to connect several displays to 1 station, including second monitor case, you have to use 'customer display as printer' driver for additional display(s). In this case you have to make assignment as for regular printer - with creation of special purpose.

3.2. Edit layouts

3.2.1. Follow to edit customer display layouts and add them to printing scheme.
3.2.2. There is special "For customer display" documents and layouts group in "Options" -> "Printing" -> "Documents and layouts".

3.2.3. There are 5 possible cash station states and corresponding layouts: "operator registered", "order calculation", "order changed", "start or end session", "program exit". The main one is "order changed" which is being showed when "order edition" form is on cash station screen and you edit order content.