1. General information

1.1. Dealer presets are used for objects and settings unification during RK7 installation and upgrade.
1.2. Those objects which can be preset have corresponding "preset" property in [Main] section with several possible values: "dealer preset", "not a preset" and "system preset".
1.3. "System preset" objects cannot be changed by dealers or users.
1.4. "Dealer preset" objects cannot be changed by users.

1.5. Normally, you start creating dealer preset RK7 reference DB from new empty one (not tacking DB from working restaurant with their own objects: employees, menu items).

1.6. You add to dealer preset DB only objects of those types common for all restaurants in this country (or for this dealer area), without restaurant-specific objects (because most of them cannot be cleaned from DB forever - only possible set "deleted" status).

2. How to create dealers presets in R-Keeper7

2.1. Stop reference server.
2.2. Rename file dealerpresets.udb (distributed in folder \BASE\) to some temporary name, like:  upgradedealer.udb.
2.3. Write path to file upgradedealer.udb into parameter "UDBFILE=" value (in rk7srv.ini):


2.4. Run reference server and manager station. Login as dealer. Add necessary elements (forms, layouts, etc). Set their properties as Dealer presets.
2.5. Check dealer presets version in menu Help -> About.
2.6. Go to Service -> Increase dealer database version. Make sure that the version has been increased (see 2.5.).
2.7. Stop reference server again. Return back original main DB (files rk7.udb and rk7.bls if they were replaced) and restore old string “UDBFILE=…“ in rk7srv.ini (see below), change back value to rk7.udb:


2.8. When you do installation on clients side, put your custom upgradedealer.udb into the folder with reference database (rk7.udb) and start reference server. New objects with property "Dealer preset" will be copied to that main database.
2.8.1. Do not ever use temp upgradedealer.udb (or its renamed file) as production REF DB! Start refsrv.exe with dealer preset database as UDBFILE for settings only.

3. Preset status details

3.1. If you replace/change databases, you should also save files *.bls (additional databases).
3.2. New dealer presets will be copied to the user database only if they have version later than version of dealer presets in user database (if there were any dealer presets before).
3.3. Before doing file replacements you should save a copy of the original ones somewhere (make a backup).
3.4. If you want particular language in your dealer database, change string with main and alternative languages in rk7srv.ini (also don’t forget to place these translation files).
3.5. if you log into manager station as a dealer after upgrading, you can change the objects created and change dealer presets back to "not a preset". For any other users these objects will apperar as presets.
3.6. If you created some objects as not a preset, users will be able to change them if having corresponding rights.
3.7. Dealer presets from upgradedealer.udb will overwrite changes in these objects properties on each upgrade (if there were any). But in case of "not a preset" objects no overwrite will take place if these objects already exist.

4. Dealer adjusted functions

4.1. Limit drivers usage

4.1.1. This function protects station settings from being changed by RK7 user (administrator) in part of driver list.

4.1.2. This function to be enabled in parameter "Drivers white list" with choice of head office fictive cash server, which must have fictive cash station and complete list of drivers to be shown for user assigned to these station and server.

4.1.3. Only those drivers will be available in "Driver list" form of each cash server and cash station inside restaturants, which are added to fictive station and fictive server configuration (head office) before that parameter had been turned on (not complete list).