1. General

1.0. This technology is deprecated. You should install IR WebReports instead.

1.1. The distributive you may load from UCS file server: /dealers/rk7/demos/FRServer/demo_release.zip .

1.2. Minimal RK7 version is

2. File manipulations

2.1. Extract FastReport server to some folder to the same OS logical disk as RK7 report server.

2.2. In settings.ini (\release\bin\ folder) set SQL DB connection string:

CONNECTION=Provider=SQLNCLI10.1;User ID=sa; Password=1;Persist Security Info=True;Initial Catalog=RK7;Data Source=\SQLEXPRESSDM

2.3. Set FastReport server config.xml file settings. Set the same port as in settings.ini from 2.2. By default FastReport Server is set to use port 80. If your port 80 is busy with another application or you want to use another port for some reason, set any other free port ("HTTP Server Settings" section "Port" property):

<set name="Port" value="8899" default="8899" type="number" desc="TCP/IP port for HTTP server"/>

3. Manager station settings

3.1. In report server settings "FastReportServerPath" property set the pathway to the FastReport server folder \Release\

3.2. FastReportServerPath you had to choose during 2.1.

3.3. Check that you already have set ExternalDatabaseLink for user roles.

3.4 Do user export using menu: Service -> Data Export -> Export WEB users.
3.5. In FastReport server path users.xml file should have been created (and not empty).
3.6. There only users who has got "Execute WEB reports" right are exported.
3.7. Only users with the right "Export WEB users" are allowed to do export.

3.9 Execute WEB report export using menu: Service -> Data Export -> Export WEB reports.
3.10. Only those reports are exported which have got "WebReport" property enabled.
3.11. Only users with the right "Export WEB reports" are allowed to do export.

4. Start and use

4.1. Start FRServer.exe application from \Bin\ folder.
4.2. Tray icon should appear after that. 

4.3. This server work similar to Apache, so you are able to control that using any browser (
4.4. Login as one of exported to users.xml file users (username = RK7 user code).
4.5. In main menu you are able to choose one of your WEBreports exported from the list. Result comes as usually after filter applied:

5. Extras

5.1. In settings.ini you should set the same connection as in RK7 user role.
5.2. You are able to use only SQL-query-based-reports for WEB (FastReport 4).
5.3. For entering credentials on every login you have to set in config.xml:

<security desc="Security settings">

<set name="RemoteAuth" value="yes" default="yes" type="bool" desc="Allow parent CGI/Remote authentification"/>