1. General

1.1. EQ - is UCS module for KDS2 system, which will show orders statuses to customers in fast food restaurants.

1.2. Version 2 of EQ (2019) should be installed as in this manual.

2. Installation

2.1. Start installer package .exe file.

2.2. Choose English language, accept license agreement.

2.3. Specify instance creation (or update).

2.4. Specify folder for application and instance name.

2.5. Set TCP port for eq-backend.exe.

2.6. Confirm settings and start process.

2.7. Finish

3. Configuration

3.1. Start internal web browser \cef\cef.exe

3.1.1. Or use any other web browser and navigate to IP:port of EQ web server

3.2. Input your kds2 login and password

3.2.1. Default user name is "Admin" and same password.

3.3. Open kds2.ucs.ru cabinet and create new special client of "electronic queue" type.

3.3.1. Open this client properties and adjust them.

3.4. Go to EQ server settings - navigate browser to /#/settings path (URL on EQ web site)

3.4.1. Choose "KDS" as orders sorce

3.4.2. Add new KDS server connection

3.4.3. Specify other parameters and save.