1. General

1.1. This manual gives you approximate information about IT skills which one must have who work as UCS software and hardware (automation) engineer.

1.2. Many of those knowledge points are required from other UCS dealership employees: administrators, sales manages, training managers and so on.

1.3. Here we specify skills besides UCS software: environment and common IT sense. This knowlenge you get from outside of UCS training.

2. Required

2.1. General computer software knowledge.

2.2. Advanced Microsoft Windows OS user:

2.2.1. Can install OS to empty disk drive

2.2.2. Can use command line (cmd.exe) and PowerShell Can use regedit/msconfig Can use ping/nslookup/ipconfig commands Can use taskmgr/services.mcs/compmgmt commands

2.2.3. Microsoft Office user

2.2.4. Can work on remote desktop (mstsc), configure connection

2.2.5. Can use graphic editors and encode images to different formats

2.2.6. Can use archives (7zip, WinRar, WinZip)

2.2.7. Can install and uninstall applications

2.2.8. Web server (IIS) - beginner user

2.2.9. Update software

2.2.10. Antivirus and firewall configuration

2.3. Good computer hardware knowledge

2.3.1. Can aggregate PC from parts

2.3.2. Can find and replace damaged part

2.3.3. Know each part of PC function

2.4. Simple coding, scripting

2.4.1. Markup language structure (XML)

2.4.2. Logical algorithms (if... then)

2.5. Network:

2.5.1. Protocols

2.5.2. Can build network with proper routing

2.5.3. Can test network speed, package loss

2.5.4. Can set port redirection, IP mask

3. Recommended

3.1. Windows system administration (server and PC)

3.1.1. Domain/workgroup management

3.1.2. Virtual machines usage (emulators)

3.1.3. Routing and remote access server

3.1.4. DNS server

3.1.5. DHCP server

3.1.6. Web server + PHP + ASP installation

3.1.7. SQL servers (Microsoft, Firebird)

3.1.8. Sysinternals package

3.1.9. Security policy management

3.2. Linux and Macintosh OS usage

3.3. Hardware

3.3.1. Upload firmware in device using supported interface

3.3.2. Change parts

3.3.3. Know compatibility of parts, versions, protocols

3.4. Programming

3.4.1. Basic SQL, pascal scripting ability

4. Showroom

4.1. Any dealer must have showroom with hardware and software.

4.2. Showroom is usually located in dealer's office.

4.3. Any showroom must have at least one (server) computer with UCS software installed.

4.3.1. Server must have Windows OS version 7 or newer 64-bit.

4.3.2. Remote desktop access should be enabled on this server.

4.4. Showroom may have many POS computers, printers, etc. supported by UCS software.

4.5. Dealer should test and learn UCS software in this showroom before any customer-side installations.