1. Special 'order edition (fast receipt)' form


1.1.1. Prepare your own form adding 'table' buttons or use preset one.

1.2. Form scheme

1.2.1. Create user form scheme (if not yet created) in 'Form schemes' reference. (you'd better copy preset 'Standard' one).

1.2.2. In your form scheme change form assigned to 'Order edition (quick check)' section to your form with table list (it should fit screen resolution or be with lower resolution that current display mode).

Preset form name is 'TS: Order edition (quick check) – 800x600 (quick check + table list).

1.2.3. Add your new form scheme to usage or check usage rules for previously used one.

2. Tables

2.1. Create hall plan and 2 tables of 'for deffered orders' mode. Assign service positions to tables (created in accordance with 4.1.).

2.2. Assign created hall plan as default for cash station(s) that will use currently being configured special mode.

3. Parameters

3.1. Set parameter 'Automatic choice of the table' – set 'First empty' or 'In order'.

3.2. Or you may set exception for some station(s) only.

4. Employees

4.1. Create serving positions (separate) and assign employees to.

4.2. You have to separate employees ability to work only with their position tables.

4.3. You have to use employee registration to position by manager.

5. Use

5.1. New form looks similar to the following.

5.2. 777 and 888 – our special tables for deferred orders, divided by cashier service position.

5.3. While editing order on table 777 you see 'order edition' mark on the button.

5.4. If cashier wants to delay order finilization, he should press on empty table button.

5.5. After putting order to table, edition started on this table, and previous order table button shows 'saved for future' one. Cashier may open saved order any time and go on edition.