In this manual you may find the field description of: Money Pay in/Collect out cube, Drawer log, Cube on consummation, Modifiers cube, Operations cube, All station sales cube, Payment cards, Total menu item sold cube, Discounts cube, Voids

Money Pay in/Collect out cube


Sum– Sum of Collected/Manually counted money in payment currency;


Currency – Name;

Common Shift–Common Shift Number;

Restaurant–Restaurant Name;

Logic Date–Logic Shift Date;

Open Name–Condition: Open Name;

Reason – Deposit/Collect money Reason;

Cash Server–Cash Server Name;

Type– Deposit Type (deposit in cash drawer, prepayment, prepayment refund etc.);

Month– Operations Performance Month;

DW –Logic Date–week day;

Time–Deposit/Collect Time;

Date–Deposit/Collect Date;

Shift Number–Common Shift Number;

Station–Station Name;

Card Number–Credit Card Number;

Box– Box Number.

Drawer log


Box –Box Name.


Open Time–Opened–time;

Close Time–Printed at–time;

Operation–Performed Operations;

Reason– Open Box Reason;

Employee–Employee Name.

Cube on consummation


Sum– The Base Sum for the Consummation;

Percent –Consummation Percent;

Pay Sum – The Pay Sum Amount to Consummator;

Dish –Sold Dishes Quantity;

Price Sum – Price List Sum without Discount and Tax;


Month –Operation Performance Month;

DW –Logic Date- week day;

Year–Operation Performance Year;

Restaurant Name–Restaurant Name;

Dish State–Dish State at the cube construction moment;

Code–Object Code;

Consummator Name–Consummator Group Name;

Cash Server–Cash Server Name;

Order Name–Unique Order Name;

Shift Number–Common Shift Number;

Date–Common Shift Logic Date;

Dish-Dish Name

Modifiers cube


Pieces Quantity–Sold Modifier Quantity;

Price sum– Modifier Price Sum.


Modifier – Modifier Name;

Modifier Group– Modifier Group Name;

Common Shift Status –Shift Status;

Category path–Modifier Menu Group;

Restaurant–Restaurant Name;

Cash Server –Cash Server Name;

DW –Logic Date–week day;

Month–Operation Performance Month;

Year–Operation Performance Year;

Order Name- Unique Order Name;

Shift Number–Common Shift Number;

Author – Order Employee Name;

Role –Employee Role Name;

Date- Common Shift Logic Date;

Dish- Dish Name.

Operations cube


Number–Operations Number;

Dish Quantity –Modified Dish Quantity;

Order Amount–Modified Order Amount;


Cash Server–Cash Server Name;

Cash Shift–Cash Shift Number;

Add Dish Time– Add Dish Time to the Order;

Source Table– Source Table Number;

Source Order– Source Order Number;

Date–Logic Shift Date;

DW –Logic Date–week day;

Month– Operation Performance Month;

Year –Operation Performance Year;

Parameter – If operation is with closed receipts, this parameter shows receipt number;

Макет – Макет;

Operation–Performed Operation at the cash drawer;

Time–Operation Time;

Shift Date– Common Shift Logic Date;

Shift Number– Unique Shift Number;

Station– Cash Shift Number;

Order–Order Name;  

Manager–Employee, performing operations;

Access– Employee with the right for the given operation;

Main Waiter– Order Main Waiter;

Table–Table Number;

Table –Table Name;

Common Shift Status –Shift Status.

All station sales cube


Amount – Price Amount (amount without discounts and markups);

Basic Amount–Amount in Basic Currency;


Shift Number Status –Shift Status;

Owner–Card Owner;

Real Date– Sate of printing receipt;

Cash Shift– Common Cash Shift Number;

Close Station– Cash Station Number by receipt close;

Payment-Payment Status;

Ignore in report– Ignore Payment in reports;

Restaurant– Restaurant Name;

Order Category–Order Category Name;

Table–Table Number;

Card Number–Payment Card Number;

Pay Method–payment (cash,cashless);

Cash server–Cash Server Name;

Quarter–Quarter Number;

Month–Performed Payment Month;

DW–Logic Date-week day;

Year–Performed Payment Year;

Date–Logic Date;

Shift Number–Unique Shift Number;

Cashier Code–Unique Cashier Code;

Check Name– Name of the receipt;

Waiter Code– Unique Waiter Code;

Waiter–Waiter Name;

Currency– Payment Currency;

Currency Type–Payment Currency Type.

Payment cards


Sum– Price Sum (without discounts/markups);

Check Number- Check Count;


Card Number– Payment Card Number;

Owner- Owner Name;

Receipt Number–Unique Receipt Number;

Дата – Common Shift Logic Date;

 Shift Number–Common Shift Number;

Pay Method;

Restaurant–Restaurant Name;

Server– Cash Server Name.  

Total menu item sold cube


Quantity– Dish Quantity;

Average Price–Dish Average Price;

Amount–Price Amount (without discounts/markups);

Discuont–Discount Amount;

Paid Amount– Payment Amount;

Tax– Tax amount.


Category– Dish Category;

Dish– Dish Name;

Real Date–Order Close Date;

Combo Dish–Menu Combo Element;

Rate Class–Fiscal Rate;

Waiter– Waiter Name;

Restaurant–Restaurant Name;

DW –Logic Date- week day;

Month– Operation Perform Month;

Year-Operation Perform Date;

Object Kind– Type of the Object (Dish);

Cost–Dish Cost;

Card Number–Owner Card Number;

Order Name–Order number ;

Table–Table Number;

Cash Shift– Common Cash Shift Number;

Sort– Location Order;

Currency Code–Unique Currency Code;

Currency–Currency Name;

Currency Type;

Cash Server– Cash Server Name;

Closure Station– Closure Cash Station Name;

Category Path– Menu Group, including modifier;

Date– Logic Date;

Receipt Status;

Hour– Close Hour;

Receipt Number–Unique Receipt Number;

Shift Number–Common Shift Number;

Order Category;

 (Excl.from Earnings);

Code–Element Code;

Main Waiter–Main Waiter Name 

Discounts cube


Amount –Price Amount;


Waiter– Waiter Name;

Discount–Discount Name;

Type of Defaulters– Defaulters Name;

Common Shift–Common Shift Number;

Restaurant–Restaurant Name;

Mode– Way of discount Mode (manually, automatically);

Not distributed– Not distributed Discount;

Card Number;

Currency– Currency Name;

Currency Type– Currency Type (cash, cashless);

Shift Number– Common Shift Number;

Main Waiter–Order Main Waiter;

Close Station–Close Station Name;

Cash Server–Cash Server Name;

Receipt Number– Unique Receipt Number;

Dish– Dish Number;

Date– Logic Date;

Receipt-Receipt Status.



Quantity– Delete Quantity

Price–Price List Sum;

Amount– Price Amount (without discounts/markups);


Dish- Dish Name;

Reason – Delete Reason;

Date–Logic Date;

Shift Number–Common Shift Number;

Order–Order Number;

Cash Server–Cash Server Number;

Dish Station–Dish Cash Station;

Station–Cash Station name;

Code–Dish Code;

Waiter–Waiter Name;

Deleted–Employee, deleting dish;

Time–Delete Time;

Delete Date– Logic Deleted Date.