1. Firebird DBMS

1.0. Only partial support

1.0.1. RK7 does not fully support any DBMS besides MSSQLS since

1.1. Server installation

1.1.1. Get the distributive from the official site (http://www.firebirdsql.org/en/server-packages/).
1.1.2. We recommend you use the latest version (tested with 2.5.).
1.1.3. There are 3 operational modes (classic, superserver и superclassic). You'd better use superclassic (install with install_superclassic.bat).
1.1.4. To install several Firebird servers use different ports (edit firebird.conf) and different service names.

1.2. DB creation

1.2.1. We recommend you use free IBexpert utility (download from http://www.ibexpert.com/).

1.2.2. Server address format is: "IP address"/"port"  (TCP/IP protocol). Example: . Default password for "SYSDBA" is "masterkey".
1.2.3. You are able to use network name or IP address.

1.2.4. Full connection string format is:\base.fdb.
1.2.5. Register DB after creation ("Database file"="c:\base.fdb").

1.2.6. Note that UTF8 encoding you should use everywhere.

1.3. LCPI OLE DB Provider

1.3.1. You are to have LCPI OLE DB Provider driver installed.
1.3.2. Download it from official site http://www.ibprovider.com/ .
1.3.3. This component is also available from UCS ftp location /rk7/INSTALL/OTHER/IBProvider/.

2. RK7 manager station settings

2.1. Create external DB configuration

2.1.1. Most settings are similar to MSSQL.
2.1.2. Service -> Data export -> External database configurations: Create new external DB configuration or copy preset one (Firebird SQL server).
2.1.3. Set "connection string" as in 2.2. 

2.2. External DB connection string

2.2.1. You are able to use integrated master or input connection string manually.

2.2.2. Set "Provider" to LCPI.IBProvider.3.
2.2.3. Set "Location" as in 1.2.5. for the DB created.
2.2.4. Example connection string is: "Provider=LCPI.IBProvider.3;Password=masterkey;Persist Security Info=True;User ID=SYSDBA;Location=c:\base.fdb;ctype=UTF8;auto_commit=True;dbclient_library=fbclient.dll;dbclient_type=fb2.0".
2.2.5. Mind that some firebird versions have gds32.dll instead of fbclient.dll (its folder is C:/Windows/system32/). Set proper library (on the screenshots above there are both libraries, but you have to set one and the same).

2.3. Report server settings

2.3.1. Make report server settings the same as in 2.2. of.
2.3.2. But change "Querries logging type" to «llErroneous».

2.3.3. Before setting external DB link check proper license to be set (without license you'll be unable to log in Manager station after start with UseSQL=1)!

3. Data export

3.1. Export like in 3. of .
3.2. First step export structure only.
3.3. Second time export all the databases.
3.4. Never choose "Create RKeeper 7 objects", "Configure RKeeper 7 parameters", "Use Table Objects" in firebird case.

4. Remarks

4.1. RK7 requirements

4.1.1. You have to use the latest RK7. Firebird will not work with versions before properly.