1. General

1.1. Guest button (on-table waiter call) may be set to produce message in RK7 front office.

1.2. You need both device: wireless buttons and their receiver(s).

1.3. Receiver must be connected to one of RK7 cash stations.

1.4. Messages are saved to cash server - that's why you have to plan restaurant that way you may get messages from this receiver on any station of given cash server, but not on stations of other cash server(s).

2. Device configuration

2.1. Check link between all buttons that you have got and receiver(s).

2.2. Program button numbers (01-99) on receiver.

2.3. Connect receiver to cash station COM port.

3. RK7 configuration

3.1. Set driver on cash station.

3.2. Assign buttons to tables on hall plan(s).

3.3. Set messages in common parameters.