This is a legacy article. To find up-to-date information, please read r_k Cloud Manual

0. Overview diagram

1. Submitting for software lease

To gain access to software account (RK7 Manager station, SH4 client etc.) you need to press button "Send" in SAAS Links" tab in the card of an object (see below).

To submit an application for software lease you must place an order in license system. Restaurant, corporation, issue - everything as described in.

Messages with account information and access credentials for https;// will be sent to restaurant manager's e-mail address.

Object will be created on site. You can use object's card "SAAS Links" tab to submit an application for access to software account (RK7 Manager station, SH4 client etc.). Press "Send" button (pic. 3) and access credentials will be sent to e-mail address. See example in pic. 4.

Picture 3 - Access to software account submit form

Picture 4 - Access credentials message.

2. Deploying RKCloud with installer

To install RK_Cloud downoad RKCloudSetup.exe from

You can find it in object's card "SAAS Links" tab (see pic. 5).

Picture 5 - Download RKCloud installer.

Next you need to run the installer. A language choice window will pop up. Choose your desired language and press "OK" (see pic. 6).

Picture 6 - Language choice.

Press "Next" button in setup wizard window (see pic. 7).

Picture 7 - RKCloud setup wizard. 

Press "Browse" to choose RKCloud installation folder, then press "Next" button (see pic. 8).

Picture 8 - RKCloud installation folder.

You will see the list of components to install. Press "Install" button to proceed (see pic. 9).

Picture 9 - List of components to install.

"Installation complete" window will pop up (see pic.10). The folder with shortcuts for available applications will be placed on your desktop (see pic. 11).

Picture 10 - Installation complete.

Picture 11 - Desktop folder with shortcuts.

After installation you will have local copy of rk7man.exe, sh.exe, etc. - with settings for connection to UCS cloud server.

3. Viewing Web-reports and SH import schedule

To view web-reports and SH import schedule and to edit references click the "Web-reports and SH import schedule" link in the "SAAS Links" tab of the object card (see pic. 12).

Warning! RK Cloud does not support OLAP reports (cubes)!

Picture 13 - Link for viewing web-reports and SH import schedule and editing of references.

After clicking the link an authorisation window will appear (see pic. 14). Use Login and Password of an employee. Login - employee's e-mail (employee settings - "EmploeeEMail" field), password - employee's password (employee settings - "Account" field).

Note: Correct data unload from RK7 to SH4 works only if Administrator password is not changed. If you need to change Administrator password create new user in SH4 with password you want or create a ticket for Administrator password change.

Picture 14 - Authorisation

Main menu will open after you authorise. You can go to SH Import or to References Editor or to Reports from here (see pic. 15).

Picture 15 - Main menu

3.1 SH4 Import

You can set up the schedule of references data unload with "SH Import" menu.

On "SH Import" button press the "SH Import Schedule" window will pop up (see pic. 16). If you press "SH4 Import Schedule" you will see the list of previously scheduled tasks (see pic. 17).

Picture 16 - SH4 import schedule

Picture 17 - Tasks list

To create new export of references go to "New Task" menu (see pic. 18). In the "SH server" choose server to unload data from (see pic. 18).

Picture 18 - Choose SH server to unload data

Choose a type of task in the "Task" tab (see pic. 19).

Picture 19 - Type of task choice

Pick start date and end date of a time period you want data from (see pic. 20).

Picture 20 - Time period for data

Check "On Time" checkmark in the "Start Time" tab and choose a time to start data unloading. If you want to start data unloading immediately then check "Immediately" checkmark. Check "Daily" checkmark if you need actual daily data (see pic. 21).

Picture 21 - Data unload start time

The "Information" tab contains all the information about new unload task you created. If this information is correct press "Save" button (see pic. 22).

Picture 22 - Created task information

Successfully completed tasks are marked with green colour. Incomplete tasks are marked with white colour. Tasks completed with errors are marked with yellow colour. Press "Information" button to see information about errors (see pic. 23).

Picture 23 - Task list, error information

3.2 References editor

References editor allows you to create and edit various references (see pic. 24).

Picture 24 - References editor

3.2.1 Employees

The "Employees" reference contains all employees of a company. For convinience employees are grouped by their roles (see pic. 25).

Picture 25 - "Employees" reference

To add anew employee choose role then press "Add" button, fill in employee information in opened form (see pics. 26, 27).

The "Name" field must contain last name and first name of employee. "Additional name" - alternative name of employee. "Code" - filled automatically. "Status" - active. "Email" - e-mail of employee. "Card Code" - code for card that employee will use on cash station and terminal (must be at least 2 digits).                   "New Password" - password for registration on cash station and terminal. "Repeat Password" - password confirmation.

Picture 26 - Adding new employee

Picture 27 - New employee information

4. Troubleshooting

4.2. Locally installed application may loose connection to Cloud server in case of server temporary shutdown or internet failures.