1. General information

1.1. By default, you cannot use standard PC keyboard with RK7 cash station. It is on-screen keyboard available instead.

1.2. Standard PC keyboard driver is also available in RK7 distributive.

2. Setup RK7 manager station

2.1. Options -> Keyboards -> Keyboard layouts.

2.1.1. Create your new layout or decide to use preset (if exists).

2.1.2. Edit buttons inside layout. Assign each button values

2.2. Options -> Keyboards -> Keyboards usage.

2.3. Options -> Keyboards -> Function keys. You are able to choose any possible function keys to be put to your keyboard layout.

2.4. Put proper driver to your cash station.

2.4.1. As for standard PC keybord (USB or PS/2 port doesn't matter), use 'Standard 104 key' driver.

2.4.2. As for other (programmable) models, choose driver that fits your one.