1. Licensing system possibilities

1.1. UCS company has web-based interface for licensing system.

1.1.1. Log in to the application is done in any browser at the address http://l.ucs.ru  by dealer’s login and password.

1.2. License system is used for all modern software modules made by UCS company.

1.2.1. There are exceptions for licensing deprecated software, use licensing manager communication for that.

1.3. The system is meant for work with license database for the products:

  • RKeeper 7 Wite XML Order
  • RKeeper 7 Restoran Interface
  • RKeeper 7 Stations
  • RKeeper 7 Intellect
  • RKeeper 7 HeadOffice
  • RKeeper 7 Web Monitoring
  • UCS Video  Surveillance RKeeper 7 Interface
  • RKeeper 7 Report Server
  • RKeeper 7 Web Reports
  • RKeeper 6 Stations
  • StoreHouse5

1.3.1. The complete list of supported software you may find in the system itself.

1.4. Russian version of this page is

2. Getting access to License system

2.1. Getting dealer’s account

After signing the contract and dealer’s fee payment it is necessary to send an email to Tatyana Kazakova at  t.kazakova@ucs.ru  with the request of issuing an account for access to UCS company systems. Example of filling in the document see Pic. 1. Request for getting an account is processed during no more than three working days. This account gives access to the following programs: R-Keeper; FTPi; Support; Tracker.

2.2. Registration  in the License System

After getting an account a dealer has the opportunity of logging in the licensing system. The dealer gets the link for the Licensing system along with the account in an email. For entering the system it is necessary to enter the obtained account in the login window see Pic. 2


Pic. 2 

Then for registration You need to press for the User name that appeared in upper right corner  (See Pic. 3 ) Form with User data will appeared, included password. All data User can change by himself/herself. 

3. Actions order by licensing objects of new client

1. Create new corporation.
2. Create new object.
3. Make request for necessary SW
4. Get master-license.
5. Generate license .
6. Make licensing on Manager Station RK7

3.1. New object creation

For creating new object go to menu "Objects", enter the name of the object , choose corporation in which object will be ,enter address, country, city, email and object telephone (See pic.4). Choose the owner and object group. Enter object code (if You don't do it manualy , code will be assigned automatically ). Press "Create".

3.2. New corporation creation 

For creating new corporation go to menu  "Corporations", enter name , address, country, city, email and corporation telephone, corporation code (if You don't  do it manually, code will be assigned automatically), press button  "Save" (See pic 5).

3.3. Drafting request for purchasing new software, getting master-licenses

For drafting request for SW go to menu  "For SW". Choose neccessary corporation and object . With the help of the button "Select SW" ( See Pic. 6) choose from the list  (See Pic. 7) SW we are interested in. Comment if it's required and press button  "Send".

To check the status of the request You can in menu  "All orders" (See Pic. 8). For searching You should enter all necessary filtering paramters, press button  "Filter".  Request can have four statuses  "Send", "Not Send", "Confirm UCS", "Reject". You can edit requests only with the status "Not Send".

After payment of the chosen SW and request confirmation by UCS manager You get master-license.

3.4. License generation 

For license generation go to menu "Objects", find required, press button  "View". In object profile press button  "New license" (See Pic . 9).

In opened window (See Pic. 10) enter request code (about getting request code see article 4), press  "Next".

Window with the choice of SW will appear( See Pic. 11). Choose SW, quantity of required licenses, set lixense expired date (if licens should be unlimited - set date 01.01.2100), press "Next". In opened window You will see license code (See pic. 12)

Rk7 manager station licensing is described in article 4

By help of the button "New license" also You can generate SOS- license . For that in form  "License genaration"  in string "License type" choose "Generate SOS-CODE".

3.5. License generation for RKeeper 6 Stations

For license generation go to  "Objects", find required, press button  "View". In object profile press button  "New license" (See Pic. 13). In opened window (See Pic. 14) insert request code  (request code will appear by forst installation of  RK6), press "Next".Windowm with the choice of SW will appear( See Pic. 11). Choose SW, quantity of required licenses, set lixense expired date (if licens should be unlimited - set date 01.01.2100), press "Next". In opened window You will see license code (see picture below).

Window with the choice of data expired license ( if license should be unlimited - set date 01.01.2100) and information for created license, press "Next" (See Pic. 15). In opened window license code will be shown (See Pic. 16)

4. Order licenses (RK7)

For main product you need to execute the following actions on RK7 manager station

After creation of a corporation and confirmation of request for an object UCS company employee, the dealer gets Corporation Code and Object Code. Corporationcode, thatheorshegot, isindicatedin R-Keeper7 program reference of parameters, parameter Enterprise Code (Settings – Parameters – Setting Parameters). It is necessary to indicate object code in Restaurant properties, in the reference Stations and devices, in restaurant properties, tab Main, fieldCode.

4.1. Licensing of Midserver

On manage stationfor required cash server determine key (number of physical key ), on which license will be written ,in string License key – Actual number (See pic 17).

ID Guardant key You can see unilite  «Guardant Drivers». Key for licensing on Manager sation You can determine two ways:

Choose "Generate license request " from pop-up menu , which is called by right click mouse of the required Cash server (See Pic. 19). 

Programm will ask to confirm operation  (See Pic. 20). 

In peropertis of Cash server in tab  "Licensing-Common"  fields will appear  "License request data" (See Pic. 21).

License request data insert in string  "Request code" by generation activation license code  (See p. 3.4). After getting the activation code insert it in the field "License key" in properties of Cash Server on Manager station  RK7.

On Manager station RK7 there is predefined user with code  "777", password "777", than can be used only for creating request and entering the license activaion code fro cash server.

4.2. Reports servers licensing 

For Report Server the same as for Cash server  it's necessary to determine key, on which license will be written. Those reference is in menu  "Options" - "OLAPi reports" - "Report servers". Chosen needed physical key, generate license request and then insert it in License System. And license activation code You put n the properties of Report Server on manager station RK7 (see below)

4.3. Interfaces licensing

Interfaces lisencing (Web Мониторинг, ITV Pos Intellect и пр.) is made without protection key  and first request genereation. So for getting activation code it's required to make all actions that by generationg activation code of another SW, except inserting request code ( in form Request code just press "Next") After getting activation code insert it in the field "Web monitoring" (on picture below) in the  restaurant properties, in tab "License information".

6. Order replacement for broken key

1. Go to menu  "Key replacement " (See Pic. 24). Choose required object.In form "Select SW" press button  "Select SW" ( See Pic. 24),window with keys will appear, required for chosen object  (See Pic. 25), choose required key. If necessary add comment to the request. Press button  "Send".

  1. Start cash server with key, which is planned to use for license. Server will not start, but key will write in manager station RK7 (See Pic. 18), in the case if there is connection between Cash Server and Reference Server;
  2. Insert key that we plan to use on Cash server , in the computer, on which Reference  Redaktor is installed. Then choose key from appeared list .
  3. Transfer key to the office  "UCS".

7. Description of the requests exist in License System

7.1. Requests on SW

Request for SW -  this is request on new SW by creating new Object or adding SW in already created object ( more detailed see p.3.3 ) 

7.2 Request on Upgrade

Request for SW upgrade is made by transfering from earlier version on more modern. For example, from Rkeeper 6 Stations to R-keper 7 stations.

For creating request on SW upgrade go to  "Upgrade". Choose required corporation and object (See PIc. 27), from the list choose SW that you want upgrade to (See Pic. 27), press button  "Send".

7.3. Request on Key replacement

Request on key replacement  - request that is created in case of broekn key , for cleaning the license that are on broken key.  (more detailed information see p. 5).

7.4. Request on key return

Request on key return  - this is request that is created after order for key return for the aim that licenses from old key go to the category unlimited  (more detailed see p . 5).

7.5. License prolongation

License prolongation request is created in the case of on this object there is temporary licensed and by some reason You need to prolong them.

For creating request for license prolongation go to "Prolongation", choose corporation  and object (See Pic . 29), from list of SW choose SW,  on which You want license to prolong(см рис. ). Press "Send".

7.6. Request for deleting Master-lisence

Request for deleting master-license - request for deleting SW from the object or specified stations quantity by generated master license for big amount of stations.

Deleting of master license is possibile only if master license on required object is tempory .Request is done like requests for prolongation and upgrade.

7.7. Dealer change request

Dealer change request  is  made by dealer , to whom this object will go to. For creating request go to  "Dealer change", enter onject, for which dealer change will be done, press button  "Send" см. рис. )

After confirmation of the request by UCS managers, new dealer open confirmed reqesut and copy activation code, and enter it in Manager station like on the Pic 32.

7.8. Request for rights transfer

Request for Rights transfer - this is request for transfering free and not free master licenses from object to object . Created the same as other requests.

7.9. Request access to corporation

In case new dealer need access to some corporation, which had been assigned to other dealer, new dealer must do "Request for corporation"

In menu "Request for corporation" input Name of this corporation, and comments (why you need access), press button "Send".

After confirmation by UCS manager, that corporation will be assigned to new dealer.

7.10. Change Corporation Name

Use menu "Change corporation name": choose corporation, enter new name, press button "Send".

7.11. Key move

Wtih "Transfer keys" request you are able to move protection keys from one dealer object  to another, in case no active license is linked to that key at the moment.

Choose key source and target objects, key number, attach documents with button "Choose files", press button "Send".

After confirmation by UCS manager, that key will be assigned to new object.

Для того, чтобы присвоить свободный ключ, принадлежащий дилеру, какому-либо объекту, необходимо: выбрать тип источника ключа - дилер, объект-приемник ключа, ключ, приложить необходимые документы при помощи кнопки "Выбрать файлы", нажать кнопку "Отправить" (см. рис.55).После подтверждения заявки свободный ключ присвоится выбранному объекту.

7.12. Change hardware RK6 

При помощи заявки  «Смена железа» удаляются лицензии для RK6 и освобождаются мастер–лицензии на выбранном объекте.
Для удаления лицензии  RK6 в меню "Заявки"-“Смена железа» вводим название объекта, на котором необходимо удалить лицензию (см рис. 56) , выбираем лицензию, которую требуется удалить (см. рис. 57), добавляем комментарии, нажимаем «Отправить».

8. Menu "Key Info"

In menu "Key Information " by inserting the key number You can determine key code, type, dealer-owner of the key , restaurant, SW (See Pic. ).

9. Menu "Request information"

Получить информацию по коду активации лицензии  и коду запроса лицензии можно в меню "Проверка запросов" (см. рис. 59). Для этого вводим код запроса, если хотим узнать информацию по коду запроса, или код лицензии, если хотим узнать информацию по коду активации лицензии, нажимаем кнопку "Поиск". После этого появится интересующая нас информация.

10. Menu  "End license"

Оперативную информацию об окончании срока лицензий можно узнать в меню "Окончание лицензий" (см. рис. 60). Вводим период, который нас интересует, название корпорации, объекта (название корпорации и объекта можно не указывать,тогда система отобразит все объекты с лицензиями, кончающимися в указанный период), нажимаем "Фильтровать".

В открывшемся окне отобразятся:название объекта (с кодом), количество лицензий, ПО, на которое создана лицензия, дата окончания действия лицензии, код ключа, на котором находятся лицензии, код активации лицензии, дата создания кода активации, статус, тип лицензии. Для SOS-кодов будут указаны комментарии, введенные при создании, а для RKeeper 6 - номер лицензии. 

11. Menu "SOS avaliable"

В меню "SOS-коды, доступные дилеру" содержится  информация о всех SOS-кодах дилера: активных, доступных и необработанных.

12. Regeneration for RKeeper 6 Station

Для того, чтобы оперативно перегенерировать заканчивающиеся лицензии для RKeeper 6 Station без ввода кода запроса -  в карточке объекта нажимаем кнопку"Перегенерировать лицензии" (см. рис. 62). В появившемся окне выбираем лицензии, требующие перегенерации, желаемую дату окончания новых лицензий, нажимаем"Выбрать" (см. рис. 63). Новый код лицензии отобразится в карточке объекта. Если эта функция по каким-то причинам не доступна - воспользуйтесь пунктом "Новая лицензия", введите код запроса со станции, выберите тип лицензии (обычная или SOS) и нажмите "Далее"

13. Manage users

13.1. There are two global levels dealers access  in the system: 

13.1.1. dealer master

13.1.2. dealer user

13.2. Level dealer master is given to main dealer employee (director) by the UCS manager.

13.2.1. users with such master level of access can create accounts for employees (dealer users) of their dealer company, set their rights, transfer objects between them.

13.2.2. there is only one master dealer account for one dealer

13.3. For creating new simple dealer user (dealer user) go to menu  "Users" - "New user".  

13.3.1. In opened window all strings are oblugatory to fill  (see on image below). String "User ID" is filled automatic. In zone "License System Rights" choose rights that are used for the system  l.ucs.ru.

In area "External system rights" choose rights for making integration with other systems: code.ucs.ru, lm, ftp and etc. (in current exmaple "Install" -rights for installation ; "Code" - rights for license generation; "FTP"- access rights to FTP-chanel; "SOSonly"- is forbidden rights, by choosing of it rights only for generation SOS codes will be available, even if other rights will be chosen additionally.). 

13.3.2. After inserting the forn press button  "ОК",  and those employee will be in the list of users.

14. Terminology

SOS-code – License with determined value. Limited in time, for "emergency" cases.

Dealer – organisation that is responsible for installation, support of the SW.

Cash server - Licensed application.

Key – device of protecting SW.

Corporation  - organisation 

License- Generated Activation Code in fact.

Master-license - right for getting license.

Object - trade or other point where is SW.

Report server - licensed application.