1. Common

1.1. Modern translation of UCS software is made in http://localize.ucs.ru site.

1.2. Translation site uses Pootle software and its formats.

1.2.1. Basic format is XML with XLIFF file extension.

1.3. Some UCS applications use after processing of translated files taken from Pootle (user needs special tools)

1.4. Some UCS applications use protected  injection of translated files taken from Pootle (user cannot add or change)

2. Use site

2.1. Add language or choose existing

2.1.1. In case you cannot find some language in some project , you have to add new language to project.

2.2. Add translations or change existing

2.2.1. Inside of each Project-Language pair you have translation files.

2.2.2. There may be one or several "files" (apps, parts) in each project

2.3. Download and apply of request assembly

2.3.1. If application supports user localization, you can download file(s) from site and apply by the rules specified in that application manual

2.3.2. In case application does not support user-made localization, you need to request localization update from UCS technical support.