1. General

1.1. There are preset algorithms in UCS applications (R-Keeper, GameKeeper, so on) which recognize cards by specific data format.

1.2. There is no need to customise card encoding algorithm in case you record card as follows.

1.3. This manual describes the format of almost all magnetic card types being used in R-KEEPER software.

1.4. All cards are encoded on the second track.

1.5. All card readers have a prefix (that’s semicolon, ";" , and an ending - "Enter" (code 13) ).

2. Encoding card formats

2.1. Staff (Manager, cashier, etc.):

Any 4 numbers (decimal)

2.2. Unpay:

99xxxx where 99 - ID, that it is a Unpay card
xxxx – a code given to a Unpay person in the Editor, 3 numbers minimum, 4 numbers maximum.

2.3. Discount cards (common, NOT PERSONAL):

777=xxxxxxxxx=tt=ddmmyy where
777 - ID, that this is a discount card
= - something like divider (separator)
xxxxxxxxx – nine-digit code of the restaurant from SYSTEM.DB, which is located on the cash server in DATABASE. It is recorded on the card WITHOUT POINT (in SYSTEM.DB xxxxx.xxxx ). If you open SYSTEM.DB with the help of SETCODAT.EXE, it will be the 6th paragraph.
tt – “Magnetic card type” from the Restaurant Editor in Discount properties
ddmmyy – day, month, year – card validity period. If year is set from 90 – it will consider as year 1990, if till 89, it will consider 2084

2.4. Personal Debit, Discount cards: (for CARDSYSTEM5 - R-Keeper CRM or PersonalCards system)

778=xxxxxxxxx=NNNNN where 778 - ID, that this is a personal discount (debit, discount, bonus, payment) card.
= - see above
xxxxxxxxx – see above
NNNNN – card code, which is recorded to PCARDS.EXE. Max 8 numbers, but max 5 is desirable.

2.5. Card entry cards:

where 771 - ID, that this is an “Entry card”
xxxxxxxxx – see above
NNNNN – card code, maximum card code - 32768.

2.6. Hotel card (when using Hotel interface (of the Shelter type))

770=xxxxxxxxx=NNNNNN where 770 - ID, that this is a “Hotel card”
xxxxxxxxx – see above
NNNNNN – card code, max 6 numbers.

2.7. GameKeeper


where 790 - ID, that this is a “Game Keeper” card
XXXXX – corporation code
NNNNNN – card code, min 3 numbers, max 8 digits if needed to use as PDS card for RK6
YYYYYYY- control number
ZZZ- other control number

Important: keep in mind that codes for "GameKeeper" cards are prepared in central office.

2.8. Subscription manager

NNNNNN - card code. Main thing card number shoul be unique.