1. Introduction

UCS presents new terminal MiniPOS (producer code MP-2258P-PU). This terminal has small screen and integrated printer. It should be useful for customers, who don’t have much space on their stores.

Code pages

Built in printer supports following code pages:

Code page

Where used

Table number, which should be indicated in Rkeeper6.ini by parameter MPPCODE





Central Europe



Western Europe



VISCII Vietnam


2. Installation

2.1. Before R-Keeper

BIOS settings

  1. In BIOS (integrated peripherals) for COM3 set address 3E8, and IRQ - 10

  2. In BIOS (Integrated peripherals) for COM4 set address 2E8, and IRQ – 7

Operating system

Install DrDOS 7.03


MiniPOS is compatible with both networks (NetBEUI or TCP/IP)

2.2. RK6


MiniPOS is compatible with all Rkeeper versions, but it is recommended to use version 6.94a (the version where you can draw custom screen layouts and set size of numeric keyboard). Custom screen layout, which you can import, using restaurant editor, is on FTP (/dealers/Foreigns/TOOLS/Devices/MiniPOS/Screen_layout/)

Screen for RK6

MiniPOS screen supports resolution 800x600. So in Rkeeper6.ini on terminal set parameter:


Standard screen doesn’t look very well on MiniPOS screen, so it is recommended to use screen layouts, made especially for MiniPOS (thanks to UCS Hungary team). 

The screen layouts can be downloaded from UCS FTP: /dealers/Foreigns/TOOLS/Devices/MiniPOS/Screen_layout/

Starting from version 6.94a there is possibility to change size of numeric keyboard.

Add in rkeeper6.ini on terminal parameters: 


These parameters set the size of buttons in pixels. 


MiniPOS has Fujitsu touchpanel. Use “Touchkit” drivers.

Example of strings in Autoexec.bat:

SET TKT1=3E8 10

Printer for RK6

Printer can print 26 characters per line. Forms should be adjusted accordingly.

For printer following parameters in Rkeeper6.ini are available:

MPPSpacing = OFF/ON - double space between lines

MPPBold = OFF/ON - Bold font

MPPDH = OFF/ON - Double Height

MPPDW = OFF/ON - Double Width

MPPReverse = OFF/ON - Reverse (white characters on black background)

MPPCutBell = OFF/ON - Not functioning yet

MPPCode = Code table digit (Integer), refer to section “Code pages”

MPPLogo = Logo number (Integer), not functioning yet

MiniPOS printer driver was not included earlier Rkeeper versions. But it is possible to download driver Minipos.dll and printer database Printers.db from UCS FTP (/dealers/Foreigns/TOOLS/Devices/MiniPOS/Printer/), and copy them to following locations:

Minipos.dll -> to RKCLIENT folder on terminal

Printers.db -> to RK6\DB folder on manager PC

Important: In restaurant editor miniPOS printer can be set only as through server. Printer is located on ComPort4.

Also don’t forget to set correct speed address for comports in Rkeeper6.ini as:


Cash drawer for RK6

To use cash drawer on MiniPOS terminal, you should use proper driver. The driver is available on FTP:

POS.DLL should be from version 1.14
Drawer driver supports OPEN status, if hardware supports it.

Drawer should be 12V.

Extfisc.dll for RK6

Use with MiniPOS ExtFisc.dll version 2.02.01.

For this version add in rkeeper6.ini:


Also edit Extfisc.lng to fit new size of paper (26 characters per line).

This ExtFisc.dll supports Birthday application.

On MiniPOS you can use standard RK installation but there is prepared image on FTP (/dealers/Foreigns/TOOLS/Devices/MiniPOS/Image/). Use GHOST.EXE to upload that image to you driver (if doing from DOS), or install Norton Ghost to load that image using Windows PC.

2.3. RK7

Printer for RK7

Printer can print 26 characters per line. Forms should be adjusted accordingly.
To add driver of MiniPOS printer, first add driver "COM Universal". In the properties of this port set the values of the comport4: address - 2E8, IRQ - 7.

To this port add driver "MiniPOS printer".
In the properties of this driver should be set:

Baud Rate=9600
Bar code height (dots)=162
Bar code type=Code 39
Bar code width=3
Initial sequence=1B20021B57301B3301    //in the sequence should be added command which code page should be used. For cyrylic should be 1B7407, for Estern Europe 1B7412
Use partial cut=Yes
Main Lang. Switch=
Main Lang. Decode From=          //here should be set special letters in Windows encoding
Main Lang. Decode To=            //corresponding special characters in DOS encoding