This node is about obsolete software. Do not use this for new installations.

1. Text and images on second screen

1) Use RK7 version 7_1_12_1 and higher

2) Start reference server. On manager station in Stations and devices:
a) add UCS Premiera Info interface driver on cash station (Drivers – Customer display)
b) property Image file name – path to image to display
(only in JPG format, image should be placed on computer, where cash station is installed)
c) property HTML format
(any HTML tag can be added here – background, change font size, change font color, etc)

3) Place files
* AppSrv.exe
* configplace.ini
* premierainfo.dll
in folder with doscash.exe
These files can be found on our FTP in /dealers/rk7/INSTALL/OTHER/SecondScreen/

4) Connect second monitor with cash station computer. Set second monitor in Windows (Desktop properties --- Settings ---  Display)

5) First running of AppSrv.exe:
a) Run exe-file, its icon will appear in tray. On right-click 2 variants appear – “HTML” and “Picture”. Click on both.
b) 2 windows will appear on the screen – one for text and one for picture. Make a right-click, choose ‘Edit’.
Drag them in necessary places (on second monitor, where you want to display text and pictures), change size if needed. Make right-click, choose ‘View’
c) If you want to save positions and sizes, make right-click on icon in tray and choose “Close”.
d) Check configplace.ini (pre-defined parameters will be changed to yours coordinates and sizes):
[HTMLForm] //coordinates of text window plus its width-height
[ImageForm] //coordinates of image window plus its width-height

After that run cash station in usual mode - cash station will automatically run AppSrv.exe.

6) On manager station there are makets for customer display:
Options --- Printing --- Documents and layouts --- For customer display, video surveillance.
Edit makets:
* Operator registered
* Order calculation
* Order changed
* Start session, end

Command <logo N> should be present on this makets to display pictures (file of picture is taken from property Image file name of UCS Premiera info interface).
You can add any variable on makets.
If you need to change picture on second monitor every time, that you add different dishes in order (different pictures for different dishes), use command
<logo [N] M>, where
N – dish code
M – picture number

Add makets that you want to use, in your current printing scheme.
For these makets in property Printing --- Main printer class choose For customer display

2. Video clips on second screen

There is a separate program to play video rolics - VideoViews.
It can be found on our FTP in /dealers/rk7/INSTALL/OTHER/SecondScreen/

Make sure, that all necessary codecs are installed on computer, on which you want to play video.

Just a test, that video can be played: edit “test” bat-file VideoViewDD.bat

* path to file of movie
* X – coordinate of left top corner (on X asis)
* Y – coordinate of left-top corner (on Y axis)
* H – height
* W – width
* Cycle (1 – with cycle, 0 – without cycle)
* Background colour
* Ability to close window by mouse clicking (0 – don’t close, 1 - close)
Program itself:
1) Edit config.ini
;Interval for pause between video clips (in msec). 5000 = 5 сек
Interval = 5000
;For non-stop file playing
MainPoint= VideoViewDD.exe
;Path to folder with video clips
PathFiles = "C:\Video\"
;Mask for filenames
MaskFiles = "*.*"
;-1 – full screen mode
;Coordinates of window left-upper corner (X and Y)
;Window width
;Window height

2) Install ServVideo.exe as a service: ServVideo.exe /install (or you can use install.bat).

3) run start.bat or service itself in list of Windows services.