1. Settings on manager station

1.1. Create new cash station in Service -> Stations and devices.
1.2. Fill name and network ID, choose OS type, in section ‘Drivers’ add video driver and all necessary printers.
1.3. In property ‘Station type’ choose Print station.

1.4. You have to add only printer and port drivers to this station.

2. Editing winprint.ini

File winprint.ini can be taken from RK7 installation folder from BIN/WIN/INI. Place it in the same folder as winprint.exe.
// the same network ID as was set on manager station (see above).
// network ID of midserver, to that print station will connect


3. Running application

3.1. Licensing
3.1.1. License for cash server is given for particular number of cash stations (not print stations, not pocket stations). Print stations are not counted in’ stations count’ in license. Hence, no license required.
3.2. Run
3.2.1. Winprint.exe (in folder BIN\WIN) can be run in 2 ways:
* as service (winprint.exe /desktop)
* installed as application (winprint.exe /install)
3.2.2. Name of ini-file by default: winprint.ini.
3.2.3. If it is necessary to run with other ini-file, use: winprint.exe /ininame: name_of_ini_file.ini