1. General

1. Bank card authorization terminal (BCAT) is the device used for bank card authorization and payment transaction holding.

2. BCAT is connected to RK7 cash station using one of supported and described below protocols.

3. Depending on protocol, bank card could be read by means of BCAT own reader (most cases) or reader, connected to RK7 cash station.

2. Protocols currently supported

2.1. EFTPos

2.1.1. RK7 driver file is EFTPos.dll.
2.1.2. Provided by UnitedCardService (http://www.ucs.su).

2.2. TrPosX

2.2.1. RK7 driver file is Hyp4220.dll.
2.2.2. Provided by Lanter (http://www.lanter.lanit.ru).

2.2.3. Installation manual HyperCom Terminal installation and configuring for RK7

2.3. Arcus

2.3.1. RK7 driver file is Arcus.dll.

2.3.2. Provided by Arcom (http://www.arcom-group.com).

2.4. ZVTPos

2.4.1. RK7 driver file is ZVTPos.dll

2.4.2. Provided by EasyCash (http://www.easycash.de).

3. Common settings

3.1. Assignment procedure

3.1.1. Driver to cash station

3.1.2. Driver to logical printer

3.1.3. Logical printer to cash station priting purpose

3.1.4. "Terminal authorization" document type layout to current printing scheme(s).

3.1.5. "Terminal authorization" document type layout view to priting purpose.

3.1.6. Currency to use POS terminal interface.

3.2. Printing layouts

3.2.1. You have to use 'Authorization result' and 'Authorization error' document type layouts (depend on protocol and settings) in your current active printing scheme.