1. General

1.1. It is recommended to use modern hardware (Two-Core CPU >2GHz, GeForce GT 520 or Radeon HD 6450 and newer GPU, RAM >2GB) and touch screen (at least 19", 1280 x 768 and higher).

1.2. This software has regular client-server architecture.

1.3. Many points are the same as in previous version (this manual is about versions since 1.0.2.).

1.4. This software main purpose - table booking in some restaurant.

1.5. You have to use R-keeper or newer.

1.6. Reservation client is connected to reservation server and to RK7 cash server.

2. Files and folders

2.1. Download the distributive from UCS file server /dealers/Foreigns/Reservation/ folder.
2.2. There are 2 folders: \Client\ and \Server\.
2.3. Client part has 2 setting files and corresponding modules (ICAS.DLL, GRDVKC32.DLL and RK7XML.DLL): ICAS.INI (set ICAS - RK7XML managing module) and Reserv.INI.

2.4. Client application is the RESERV.EXE.

2.5. Server part has 1 setting file RSVSERV.INI
2.5.1. Server holds its database RESERV.DAT. Server DB has its own closed format.

2.6. Server application is the RSVSERV.EXE.

2.6.1. You may install as service (/INSTALL parameter) or start as application (/DESKTOP). To uninstall server use /UNINSTALL parameter.

2.7. UPRSDB.EXE is the DB upgrade application.

2.7.1. Stop server before running this.

2.7.2. You have to run this from server folder (RsvServ.exe).

2.8. Additional files (SMS library, etc.) are in client folder.
2.9. Server uses DLL-files to connect to client(s): Rlocal.dll, Rtcp.dll...

2.10. It is recommended to use Langun.exe application for resource translation (both .exe and .dll files).

3. Set files


3.1.1. Format.


PushPinCol=3               values 0..9 table column number
Unmismatch=100        prediction level 100 is error ratio  1/100
LinkGate=1            choose number for DLL connect
SmsDll=ISMS.DLL       name of DLL, SMS service
1002124 = hallplan.BMP

3.1.2. Description. "LogLevel" - from 0 to 3 logging level. "SizePercent" - screen zoom (%), from 75 to 150. "FontName" - windows font name. "Cursor" - show (1) or not to (0) mouse cursor. "Shutdown" - shutdown windows with application exit (1) or not (0). "Guardant" - specify hardware key number if several keys plugged into one PC (it is possible to specify in decimal or hexadecimal format; for hex add '$' symbol before number, like: "$241B2344"). "LinkDll" - module filename (without extention), which is used to comunicate with RsvServ. [HALLImage] ID and name of layout file, plased in near reserv.exe.


3.2.1. Format


LogLevel = 1               

Server =

Key =        

3.2.2. Description Server - RK7 cash server (MIDSERV.EXE) XML interface IP address and port Key - encryption key for XML interface (could be empty - default empty) - log file detail level (0..3)


3.3.1. Format




Guardant= $303C7741


1 = RLocal

2 = RTCP


Port = 7799        

3.3.2. Description "Log" - log file level from 0 to 1. [LinkDLL] section parameters you set in UCS usual way: "connection #" = "DLL library name without extension". This will set server network connectivity protocol library.

4. Set RK7

4.1. XML interface

4.1.1. Add regular XML interface to RK7 cash server.

4.1.2. No any other connection method between Reservarion and R-Keeper necessary or possible.

4.1.3. Settings in rk7man must fit ICAS.ini parameters from above.

4.2. Tables

4.2.1. Set Table attributes (create any quantity if you want - not obligatory; like: smoking, with extra comfort chairs, so on).

4.2.2. Add images for "attribute enabled" and "attribute disabled" states.

4.2.3. Image files must be .bmp, they are saved to RK7 reference DB.

4.2.4. Assign necessary attributes to all tables.

4.3. Interface

4.3.1. RK7 cashier server has got special interface to support reserved tables.

4.3.2. Add driver to cash server(s)

4.3.3. Check and assign driver(s) to logic interface(s)

4.3.4. Add gater.dll (from mentioned distributive) to cash server folder(s), near rkreserv.dll.

4.4. Parameters

4.4.1. Go to rk7man.exe "Options"->"Parameters" and find all those related to "Reservation". Set them up.

4.4.2. First of all, enable "Reservation usage"

4.5. Users

4.5.1. Set up employee to have "Card code" assigned.

5. Messaging

5.1. Craft1.Dll (SMS)

5.1.1. Find this module in \Client\sms\ folder.

5.1.2. This library could send messages using Craft Mobile service (www.craftmobile.ru).

5.2. Craft1.ini


Server =      дает Craft Mobile при заключении договора,

              по умолчанию:  https://service.craftmobile.ru

Login =       дает Craft Mobile при заключении договора

Password =    дает Craft Mobile при заключении договора

Sender =      дает Craft Mobile при заключении договора

Log = 1    Уровень подробности Лог-файла

                0: не вести лог

                1: редкие события

                2: коды ответов

                3: xml-пакеты

6. Translate and use

6.1. Translation method

6.1.1. Translate using language translation files put near .exe application using Langun.exe editor.

6.1.2. Choose current language in 'Parameters'.

6.2. Use of

6.2.1. You have 3 options: Rk-Reserv booking (data is saved to Reservation server only), RK7 seat guests (booking is saved to R-Keeper cash server) and optional.

7. Licensing

7.1. You have to get specially preset Guardant Key (with license saved inside) for Reservation RESERV.EXE application from UCS head office.

7.2. This Guardant key could be used for RK7-type licensed applications (which do not save license inside Key) besides Reservation.