Manual describes how to set connection between RK7 and Game-Keeper
* ("Gloria Jeans Loyality Program" (Vietnam) is used as example).
* all interaction between RK7 and GK is made via Far Cards

1. Approximate sequence of actions to set and test

1.1. Activating card

2. Settings in GK3

1) Create card in GK, Run gkCard.exe and activate card there (‘Group card activization’)
* Card series --- here you add card numbers
* Card level (Standard 1)
* Temporary card level (Standard 231)
Note: discount / markup code in RK7 (see below) stands for card level in GK.
Example: Code ‘231’ of markup ‘Sell card’ stands for temporary card level; code ‘1’ of discount ‘GJ Bonus’ stands for standard card level.
2) (in GK manager station in ‘Local bonuses’)
* Set border = 100.000
* Set value of bonus (in percent) = 10.

3. Settings in RK7

3.1. Algorithm

3.1.1. You need to create some agorithm that will be able to identify GK3 cards on RK7 front office applications.
3.1.2. Check the following example script for the algorithm:

function MCR1001887: Boolean;
var p: integer;
ChainCode: string;
Result := copy(Parameter, 1, 4)='790=';
if Result then begin
Parameter := copy(Parameter, 5, 10000);
p := pos('=', Parameter) ;
Result := p<>0;
if Result then begin
ChainCode := copy(Parameter, 1, p - 1);
Parameter := copy(Parameter, p+1, 10000);
p := pos('=', Parameter) ;
Result := p<>0;
if Result then begin
Result := pos('=',copy(Parameter,p+1,10000))>0;
Parameter := copy(Parameter, 1, p - 1);

3.2. Interface

3.2.1. Add 'PDS interface' driver to cash server and configure link to FarCards as usually.

Options --- Parameters --- Installation --- Link with other systems --- Personal cards
How to set interaction with PDS (this group of parameters), please read from other manuals.
1) Create Bonus ‘GJ Bonus’ in Money --- Bonus types
* Name = ‘GJ Bonus’
* Interface --- Transaction code = 52
Note: for FarCards KIND=52 means to charge tickets.
2) Create markup ‘Sell card’ in Money --- Discounts and markups
* code = 231 (will stand as temporary card level in GK – see above).
* undistributed markup
(means, that you choose fiscal group in properties of this markup: Basic --- Fiscal group)
* mode = markup, count type = amount
* detail = 100 000 (will stand as price of card)
* Interface --- Transaction code = 53
Note: for FarCards: KIND=53 means to charge start balance (after buying card) and reset card temporary level, if it is set.
* Interface --- Transaction value = 13 000 (amount to add on card account after person buys this card)
3) Create discount ‘GJ Bonus’ in Money --- Discounts and markups
* code = 1 (will stand as standard card level in GK – see above).
* mode = discount, count type = percent
* detail = 0, bonus percent = 10, bonus type = ‘GJ Bonus’ (choose bonus from p.1).
4) Create new reason ‘Add GJ dollars’ in Money --- Reasons of deposit/collect money
* Interface --- Card deposit reason --- Put a tick
* Interface --- Transaction code = 51
Note: in FarCards KIND=51 means to charge money balance
5) In parameter ‘FarCards default sub-account’ put value = 4.
6) Create at one category ‘Gift’ in Menu --- Menu categories --- Main category.
It will stand for ‘gifts’ – special menu items that you receive after collecting particular amount of bonuses. Don’t forget to add necessary dishes to this category.
7) In Menu --- Menu for all menu elements fill Prices --- Main (or any price type name) --- Bonus = 90.09%
It is made to apply bonuses without taxes sum.
8) Create currency ‘GJC Bonus’ in Money --- Currencies --- Pay cards
* Restrictions --- Classification à choose category and classification
(you’ll be able to pay only dishes from this category by this currency)
* Interface --- AutoFill field --- switch on
* Interface --- Extra info --- switch on
* Interface --- Ignore bonuses --- switch on (put tick)
* Interface --- FarCards transaction --- 50
Note: in FarCards KIND=50 means to purchase for tickets (coupons)
* Interface --- FarCards subaccount --- 4
9) Create currency ‘GJC Prepaid card’ in Money --- Currencies --- Pay cards
* Interface --- AutoFill field --- switch off
* Interface à Extra info --- switch on
* Interface à Ignore bonuses --- switch off (remove tick)
* Interface à FarCards transaction --- 0
Note: in FarCards KIND=0 means to purchase for points (money)
* Interface à FarCards subaccount --- 2

4. FarCards

4.1. FarCards.exe is used as intermediate between RK7 cash server and GK3 gkFarCards.dll (DB operator) library.

4.2. gkFarCards.ini


ConnectionString = Provider=SQLOLEDB.1;Persist Security Info=False;User
ID=sa;Initial Catalog=gkArcade;Data Source=GK_LOCAL
Name= gkFarCards.log
Level      = 10
DebugLevel = 10
Coupons =0
:Use temporaly level for sell card operations
:OnlyCash=1 //means don’t pay with bonus amount

4.3. Start farcards as usually.

5. Operating on RK7 cash station

1) Run activated card through reader
2) Add markup ‘Sell card’ and pay order (sum of order = 100.000, payment should be done with ‘usual’ cash currency).
3) Create 100.000 deposit for payment card (via corresponding button in main menu of cash station). Bonus will be automatically charged on card.

Paying orders and receiving bonuses (on cash station)
1) Any order is paid via ‘GJC Prepaid card’
2) In form with card info sum of max payment = sum of bonus on this card
3) After you receive necessary amount of bonus and want to take a gift (menu item from particular category), you pay these items with currency ‘GJ Bonus’.

6. Operating on GK3 cash station

6.1. gkPos.exe application is used for card sale and return operations.

7. Appendix

KIND for RK7-GK interaction via FarCards

0purchase for points (money)
1discount (sum of discount – only for information purpose)
2charge point bonus
3information about purchase
50purchase for tickets (coupons)
51charge money balance
52charge tickets
53charge start balance (after buying card) and reset card temporary level (if it is set)

Sub-account numbers
(gkFarCards version and higher)
1 – sum, that is available for order paying
2 – sum = points balance (all points)
3 – sum = points balance (only ‘money-points’)
4 – sum = coupons balance (tickets)