1. General

1.1. Readers are traditional input/authorization devices.

1.2. All readers work similar way: they do send some data string to RK7 for processing.

2. Readers

2.1. Drivers

2.1.1. Port Choose proper port (depends on connection type and windows driver) for your reader and add that.

2.1.2. Reader Put reader driver to the port. For Firich MCR put 'Keyboard MC Reader' driver. For USB reader (which could read to Notepad in Windows), add 'USB or PS/2 keyboard reader...' (noprefix.dll) driver. For another device test these and all the other reader drivers in order to find the working solution. Set driver options if necessary. For universal reader you may choose 'device type' to emulate.

2.1.3. Check on RK7 cash station Start your station, login with some user which has got corresponding permissions and choose "MCR algorithm debug" in Main menu. Apply card or other input medium and check the result on screen. If no type+identifier appeared check that drivers are loaded and change drivers to proper ones if necessary. In the upper line you get input data from reader (if driver chosen properly and device configured properly at the same time) with device type. At the bottom part of this form you get algorithm(s) shown that fit this input and result of algorithm 'parameter' processing.

3. Algorithms

3.1. Reference

3.1.1. Open Service->Device signals processing->MCR algorithms.

3.2. Device types

3.2.1. Device (reader) types correspond to drivers:

1) magnetic card reader

2) non touch card reader

3) dallas reader

4) barcode reader

5) keyboard

6) other (virtual, script)

3.3. Algorithm types

3.3.1. Script

3.3.2. Prefix

3.3.3. Mask

3.3.4. Interface

3.3.5. DLL

3.4. Scope

3.4.1. Scope is the object type to be called by given algorithm.

4. Transcoding rules

4.1. If you need to change some identifier like "112233" to input like "7788" follow this paragraph (4.3. may be applied several times if necessary).

4.2. Copy preset MCR algorithm, change status to active and set the following properties:
Name: any
Alt.name: any
Type: Prefix
Prefix: 123
Mode: Replace input data

4.3. Open (Service->Device signals processing->Input data replacements). Create new object inside. Set input and output like:
Input data: 000000000
Output data: 123456789

4.4. Check on RK7 cash station that otput identifier became "456789" (Output data - Prefix).