1. Setup RK7 manager station

1.1. Adding drivers

1.1.1. Add an XML interface driver to the cash server and assign a port (obligatory the same as in "Addr=" parameter value in iPadServer.ini), pathway to the “XMLs” folder (if you want to log the interface), and password (if you want to encrypt the connection).
1.1.2. Do the same settings as in 1. of.

1.2. Report server link settings /deprecated

1.2.1. In the report server settings (it's better if this server is reference server), in the "XML interface" field, assign the port (obligatory the same as in "Addr=" parameter value in iPadServer.ini). No password obligatory.
1.2.2. Find additional information about the interface in 4.1.3. of 
http://support.ucs.ru/en/node/5670 .

 1.3. Adding new properties to the objects

1.3.1. Create eight basic extended RK7 object properties (Options -> Extended properties) as provided in 1.4. Note that all the fields are case-sensitive.

1.3.2. In "Types List" window you are able to add RK7 object types which objects should have those new properties.

1.3.3. Seven is a minimum properties quantity (for one GUI language). You have to create and fill in as many properties in different languages as you need to (see 1.4.8.).
1.3.4. Extended property system name consists of its name and language ident (exception: InfoWaite has no language ident) written one by one with no gaps (see examples in 1.4.).

1.4. Extended properties

1.4.1. InfoWaite

System Name: InfoWaite
Display Name: Waiter info
System Type: tkUnknown
Types List: Employee

1.4.2. name0409

System Name: name0409
Display Name: Name Eng
System Type: tkUnknown
Types List: Employee, Role, Selector page, Modifier, Modifier group, Combo scheme, Combo group, Combo item, Combo menu item, Menu Item, Serving order, Hall plan

1.4.3. longComment0409

System Name: longComment0409
Display Name: Long Comment Eng
System Type: tkUnknown
Types List: Modifier, Menu item, Selector page

1.4.4. shortComment0409

System Name: shortComment0409
Display Name: Short Comment Eng
System Type: tkUnknown
Types List: Modifier, Menu item, Selector page

1.4.5. Weight0409

System Name: Weight0409
Display Name: Weight Eng
System Type: tkUnknown
Types List: Modifier, Menu item, Selector page

1.4.6. TotalWeight0409

System Name: TotalWeight0409
Display Name: Output Eng
System Type: tkUnknown
Types List: Modifier, Menu item, Selector page

1.4.7. prompt0409

System Name: prompt0409
Display Name: Prompt Eng
System Type: tkUnknown
Types List: Modifier group

1.4.8. Other languages To use more than one language in RK-Order user interface you should add your language strings to locres.xml file (or just take language ident if it is already there) and create more extended properties with those language idents in "Options" -> "Extended properties". You are able to copy and paste 6 basic properties with language ident change from 0409 to specific language ident. You can see a languages list here https://www.autoitscript.com/autoit3/docs/appendix/OSLangCodes.htm

1.4.9. Description There should be exactly 4 digit numeric language ident a part of System name (take it from locres.xml).

1.4.10. forClient

System Name: forClient
Display Name: EnableForRkOrder
System Type: tkString
Types List: Serving Order This property has 2 possible values: "1" - show on Rk-Order, and "0" - not to show (empty = "0"). On Rk-Order you will be able to choose only Courses with: "EnableForRkOrder" =1 and "Manually" enabled and "Draft" disabled.

1.5. Menu tree

1.5.1. In the Menu tree (Menu -> Menu Tree), create selector pages which will be displayed on the iPad. All the pages have to be created inside only one "Menu Tree" selector.


1.5.2. Then these selector pages to be filled with menu items and selector subpages, but not all of them are the same. "Initial choice" is the root page - all "menu groups" should be put to this one.

1.5.3. The "Menu Tree" selector must have pages of 3 levels obligatory. For that, as usually, you have to create pages of all levels inside the selector itself and add links to the lower level pages for the higher level pages.

1.5.4. The preset “Initial Choice” selector page is compulsory to be first level page. It is not a real (visible) selector page, it is like a root (selector itself for this external application use). In menu tree you might create another top level (start, initial) pages for other applications.

1.5.5. You have to create a number of second level selector pages ("menu groups"), they are for menu classification purpose. You will see these groups on the left panel of the iPad Rk-Order screen.
1.5.6. First and second level selector pages must have only selector pages inside (no menu items possible).

1.5.7. You have to create a number of third level selector pages ("menu subgroups"), they are for menu classification purpose.
1.5.8. Third level selector pages allow only menu items inside. You cannot add subpages there - add only Menu items.

1.5.9. No simple or combo menu items possible to be put inside “Initial Choice” (and obsolete “By Usage”) selector page.
1.5.10. After the menu tree is ready, all the second level selector pages are to be placed into the “Initial Choice”.
1.5.11. Also, for some other application use, second level pages can be placed to the obsolete “By Usage” selector "root" page. In this case, inside this application, they will be placed at the bottom of the left panel of menu screen form.
1.5.12. Those selector pages placed inside the “By Usage” (“By Usage” you have not to put inside “Initial Choice”) should not be placed inside the “Initial Choice” in order to avoid duplication.
1.5.13. If you can't understand 3 level selector pages structure, imagine file system: “Initial Choice” is like a disk drive root (for example, c:\), folders are 2 level selector pages, folders inside those folders are 3 level selector pages, and files inside 3rd level pages are menu items.

1.6. Check new obligatory properties

1.6.1. Check that all the objects of the types from 1.3.2. have got extended "name" (recommended).

1.6.2. The objects that you have put to "Menu Tree" selector must have the "Name" property in "Extended" section set (obligatory):

1.7. Menu items images

1.7.1. In order the user can assign menu items images which will be displayed in the Rk-Order application for the needed menu items, as long as change another application images, you have to put all the images to use in this iPad application to the folder \Images\ from
1.7.2. Specify the pathway to the folder with images in the RK7 parameters (Options -> Parameters -> Installation -> Large images path).You have to enable "Large images path" parameter obligatory in order to set images for each menu item:

1.7.3. If the iPadServer is on the same computer where the RK7 reference server is, the folder with images should be inside the folder with the iPadServer.exe. If these servers are on different computers, image folders can be placed on both computers and should have identical pathway. Another way is to specify the network pathway to the images folder in the parameter mentioned (Options>Parameters>Installation>Large images path).
1.7.4. There is one more RK7 parameter to be enabled in order to assign images to corresponding dishes (menu items); it is "Self-Service":

1.7.5. Images of menu items are specified in its “Self-Service” section "Large image file" properties:

1.7.6. Requirements to menu item images: “.jpg” format, size 460x320 pixel.

1.8. Hall plans

1.8.1. Add image background (.bmp file) in RK7 manager station for those hall plans which you want to see in Rk-Order application.

1.8.2. Put the same pictures converted to .jpg to the same image folder (see 1.7.2.) as menu item pictures, but renamed to the "hall_"+[hall plan code]+".jpg" format (like "hall_4.jpg" for the hall plan from the picture below).

1.8.3. Fill in Extended names for hall plans in Options->Tables and plans->Hall plans and tables->[your restaurant] reference as shown above.

1.8.4. Set to [HALLPLAN] section "hall_codes=" parameter in iPadServer.ini codes of your hall plans (prepared in 1.8.2.), comma separated (like "hall_codes=1,2,3,4,5").

2. Setup iPadServer

2.1. Files and folders

2.1.1. What files are there in the distributive The iPadServer distributive contains 3 folders: XMLs, localization and \Images\ - and 3 more files within: iPadServer.exe, iPadServer.ini and iPadLUpdater.exe. In the XMLS folder are placed 2 significant setting files: locres.xml and settings.xml. In the localization folder there are 2 language files for server application: russian.xml and english.xml.

2.1.2. What files to put there during installation You have to put all the images to be used in Rk-Order to the \Images\ folder from (and select them when setting up according to 1.7.2.).

2.1.3. Where to get the distributive Download most recent files from UCS ftp server /dealers/r-keeper/WaiterNotepad/iPad/iPadServer/  folder. Find RkOrder application on official appStore and load through iTunes.

2.2. Setup files

2.2.1. iPadServer.ini File format

ErrComm1=This order is blocked on cash station. Ask your waiter for assistance.
ErrComm2=This visit was closed on cash station. Ask your waiter for assistance.
ErrComm3=This table is not found on hallplan.





LogFileMaxSize=5000000 Settings description [RKSERV] section "StationCode=" parameter value is a code of the RK7 actual cash station that should be ON to save orders. [RKSERV] section "CourseCode=" parameter value is a code of the course of an order that you are going to save with this wireless device application. Reference Server:                        
Addr=   the same as Addr= - .
PWD=                                  the same as PWD=   
     /deprecated since 2.1.5. - now = Cash server properties: all references come from cash server. Cash server version later than Cash server:

ServAddr=            - The IP address and the port (the same as in 1.1.1.) of the cash server XML interface
ServPWD=                                           - The password of the cash server XML interface (may be empty) Hall Plans:
hall_codes=1,2,3 – Hall plans’ codes The files with hall plans images should be called by mask hall_code.jpg или hall_code.bmp  (hall_1.jpg, hall_2.bmp). Set [RK7SERV] section "AddIfOrderExists=" parameter value to "1" if you want to add next time orders for the same table into the order exists (if it exists at the next batch creation time after relogin to Rk-Order). That means if the new batch will be saved to the same order (=1) as previous (during 1 session) or not (=0). [Service] section "Lang=" parameter is the language code for iPadServer (from \localization\ folder .xml files). Here and below language codes are ISO 639-3:2007 international standard ones: three letter codes. [RK7SERV] section "OrderDraft=" parameter sets the saved batch Draft property enabled (=1) or disabled (=0). "Draft" order property is the couple of "Active" one (opposite values). "Draft" means that this order is not yet sent to production. [SERVICE] section "VirtualTable" parameter is the RK7 valid active table code available for order saving from assigned in station. [MESSAGESDB] section parameters are for guest message (service quality feedback) DB connection. DSN= DB name (default is "iPadMR"), UserID= user name, PWD= user password. RestCode= parameter is used for license check since 2015 versions. It must be set to 9-digit code as in licensing system. [SERVICE] section gives iPadServer own parameters TCPAddr= is network interface IP version4 address, where current server listens for TCP port (for client connections) TCPPort= is TCP protocol port to be opened by current server for its client connections

2.2.2. Settings.xml File format

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<TMI Ident="1000847"/>
<TMI Ident="1000849"/>
<DEFDISHGROUP Ident="1000849"/>
<SERVER ServerIP="" ServerPort="2525" ConnectionTimeOut="15"/>
<DEMOMODE StartFirst="0" VirtualTable="1"/>
<ABOUTWINDOW TabBarImageFileName="smile5.png">
<AD Show="1" ImageFileName="smile5.png"/>
<ABOUT Lang="ENG" DefaultFileName="smile5.png">
<ABOUT Lang="RUS" DefaultFileName="smile5.png">
<POSTER Show="0"/>
<HALLPLAN Show="1"/>
<ADVERTISEMENT Enabled="1" DurationTime="2">
<AD Ident="1005322" ImageFileName="smile5.png"/>
<AD Ident="1008196" ImageFileName="smile5.png"/>
<MYORDER ShowOnAddDish="0"/>
<MAINMENU Enabled="0" Circle="1" DurationTime="1"/>
<TAGMENU Enabled="0" ToLast="0" Circle="0" DurationTime="2"/>
<TAGMENULIST Collapsed="1" CollapsedAll="0" RowHeight="42"
GroupLabelTextSize="24.0" DishLabelTextSize="20.0"
DefaultExpandedGroupIndex="1" GroupButtonFileName="title-menu.png"
<PHOTOGALLERY Show="1" ButtonFileName="photo_gallery.png"
ButtonDownFileName="photo_gallery_down.png" LabelTextSize="16.2"/>
<BACKMENUBUTTON ButtonFileName="menu-button.png"
ButtonDownFileName="menu-button-down.png" LabelTextSize="14.2"/>
<MYORDERBUTTON ButtonFileName="my-order-button.png"
ButtonDownFileName="my-order-button-down.png" LabelTextSize="16.2"/>
<BACKGROUND BackGroundImageFileName="start-view-background.jpg"
<ANIMATION Enabled="1" DurationTime="0.5"/>
<SERVERSTATUS ShowServerStatus="1" />
<RELOADAPP Enabled="2" Time="2"/>
<MODIFIERS PictShow="1" PictPos="1" PictHeight="62" PictWidth="62"/>
<PRICES ShowNull="1"/>
<WAITERMESSAGE CountOfGroups="3" RowHeight="42" LabelTextSize="18.0"/>
<SMILES Count="5">
<SMILE Id="1" FileName="smile2.png" Rate="5"/>
<SMILE Id="2" FileName="smile1.png" Rate="4"/>
<SMILE Id="3" FileName="smile3.png" Rate="3"/>
<SMILE Id="4" FileName="smile5.png" Rate="2"/>
<SMILE Id="5" FileName="smile4.png" Rate="1"/>
</SETTINGS> Settings description <TOPMENU> tag contains selector pages links in its <TMI> tags. "Ident=" parameter value is the page ident in the "menu tree" (only third level pages possible). These menu groups will be in the navigation area on the top (will be permanently seen like subpages of open level 2 pages). You may not set these groups. <DEFDISHGROUP/> tag "Ident=" parameter value is the same type as, but sets the default page (obligatory): which will be opened automatically when the program is launched. <CURLANG/> tag "Lang=" parameter value is the default language to show in application, should be taken from locres.xml <RES> tag "Lang=" parameter. <HALLPLAN /> tag "Show=" parameter value "1" enables "Hall plan" form; "0" disables that.

2.2.3. locres.xml File format
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<RES Lang="ENG" Ident="0409" Title="English" FileName="united-kingdom.png" SmallFileName="united-kingdom28.png">
<STR name="ATTENTION" val="Attention"/>
<STR name="FIELD_CALLWAITER_BUTTON" val="Service"/>
<STR name="FIELD_MYORDER_BUTTON" val="My order"/>
<STR name="FIELD_PHOTOGALLERY_BUTTON" val="Photogallery"/>
<STR name="START_DEMO_BUTTON" val="Demo"/>
<STR name="START_LOADPHOTO_BUTTON" val="Load photo"/>
<STR name="START_LOADMENU_BUTTON" val="Load menu"/>
<STR name="START_AUTHOR_BUTTON" val="Authorize"/>
<STR name="START_DEAUTHOR_BUTTON" val="Exit"/>
<STR name="START_CREATEORDER_BUTTON" val="Create order"/>
<STR name="START_WAITERCODE_LBL" val="Waiter code"/>
<STR name="START_WAITER_LBL" val="Waiter"/>
<STR name="START_GUEST_LBL" val="Guest"/>
<STR name="START_CARD_LBL" val="Card"/>
<STR name="START_NAME_LBL" val="Name"/>
<STR name="START_ORDER_LBL" val="Order"/>
<STR name="START_GUESTS_LBL" val="Guests"/>
<STR name="START_TABLE_LBL" val="Table"/>
<STR name="START_PASSWORD_LBL" val="Password"/>
<STR name="START_SERVCON_WRNG" val="Server connection error."/>
<STR name="START_LOGINERR_WRNG" val="Login error."/>
<STR name="START_WTRCODE_WRNG" val="Enter waiter code."/>
<STR name="START_CARDCODE_WRNG" val="Enter client card code."/>
<STR name="START_CARDCODEERR_WRNG" val="Client card code error."/>
<STR name="START_MAKEORDERERR_WRNG" val="Create order error."/>
<STR name="START_AUTHWTBEFORE_WRNG" val="The waiter has to be authorized."/>
<STR name="START_TABLEREQ_WRNG" val="Table has to be selected."/>
<STR name="START_TABLE_FIELD_PLACEHOLDER" val="Table number..."/>
<STR name="START_GUESTS_FIELD_PLACEHOLDER" val="Number of guests..."/>
<STR name="START_CARDNUMBER_FIELD_PLACEHOLDER" val="Enter card number..."/>
<STR name="START_PASSWORD_FIELD_PLACEHOLDER" val="Enter password..."/>
<STR name="START_QUESTNOREQ_WRNG" val="The number of guests has to be ertered."/>
<STR name="START_INCORQUETSNO_WRNG" val="The guest number is incorrect."/>
<STR name="START_CONNECTING_LBL" val="Connecting..."/>
<STR name="START_CONNECTINGCANCEL_LBL" val="Cancel upload data from the server..."/>
<STR name="START_LOADMENU_LBL" val="Loading menu..."/>
<STR name="START_CONNECTED_LBL" val="Connected."/>
<STR name="START_SERVER_SETTINGS_TITLE" val="Server settings"/>
<STR name="START_LOADDISHIMAGES_MSG" val="Load dish images"/>
<STR name="START_LOADIMAGES_MSG" val="Loading images..."/>
<STR name="START_SEVERALMINUTS_QST" val="The process can take several minutes. Continue?"/>
<STR name="START_SEVERALMINUTS_MSG" val="The process can take several minutes..."/>
<STR name="SETTINGS_USEBROADCAST_LBL" val="Use broadcast"/>
<STR name="SETTINGS_IP_LBL" val="IP"/>
<STR name="SETTINGS_PORT_LBL" val="Port"/>
<STR name="SETTINGS_IP_FIELD_PLACEHOLDER" val="Please, enter server IP"/>
<STR name="SETTINGS_PORT_FIELD_PLACEHOLDER" val="Please, enter server port"/>
<STR name="MENULIST_SEARCH_TITLE" val="Found dishes"/>
<STR name="MENULIST_SEARCH_NULLRES" val="Dish was not found."/>
<STR name="MENULIST_MAINDISHES_TITLE" val="Main dishes"/>
<STR name="MENULIST_DESTDISHES_TITLE" val="By destination"/>
<STR name="DISHCARD_ADDTOORDER" val="Add to order"/>
<STR name="DISHCARD_SAVEINORDER" val="Save in order"/>
<STR name="DISHCARD_SAVEINORDER_MSG" val="The dish was successfully added to your order"/>
<STR name="DISHCARD_EDIT_BTN" val="Preferences"/>
<STR name="PHGAL_MODREQ_WRNG" val="The dish has requered modificators."/>
<STR name="PHGAL_MODREQ_CHANGEDISH" val="You can change the dish following your preferences."/>
<STR name="PHGAL_MODREQ_ADDDISHPREF" val="Add preferences to the dish"/>
<STR name="PHGAL_MODREQ_DISHCOMPS" val="The dish suitable components"/>
<STR name="FINDDISH_SELECT" val="Select"/>
<STR name="DISHMSG_DISHMARK_LBL" val="Your dish mark"/>
<STR name="DISHMSG_FROM_LBL" val="From:"/>
<STR name="DISHMSG_NAME_LBL" val="Enter your visible name"/>
<STR name="DISHMSG_SURVEY_LBL" val="Survey (optional)"/>
<STR name="DISHMSG_NAME_WRNG" val="You have to enter your visible name."/>
<STR name="DISHMSG_AUTH_ERR" val="Only authorized visitors can leave comments."/>
<STR name="DISHMSG_LBL" val="Leave response"/>
<STR name="DISHMSG_TITLE" val="Dish response"/>
<STR name="DISH_PREF_MSG" val="There are no preferences for the dish"/>
<STR name="CALLWAITER_YOUSERV_LBL" val=" your waiter"/>
<STR name="CALLWAITER_WRITECOMMENT_LBL" val="Write comment"/>
<STR name="CALLWAITER_ORDER_LBL" val="Order"/>
<STR name="CALLWAITER_CALLWAITER_LBL" val="Call waiter"/>
<STR name="ORDER_LIST_BTN" val="List"/>
<STR name="ORDER_MENU_BTN" val="Menu"/>
<STR name="ORDER_CHANGE_BTN" val="Change"/>
<STR name="ORDER_COOK_BTN" val="Confirm order"/>
<STR name="ORDER_ORDER_BTN" val="Order"/>
<STR name="ORDER_SERVSPEED_LBL" val="Service options"/>
<STR name="ORDER_HURRY_SEL" val="Very hurry"/>
<STR name="ORDER_NORMAL_SEL" val="Normal"/>
<STR name="ORDER_NOHURRY_SEL" val="No hurry"/>
<STR name="ORDER_OPENTOCONNECT_LBL" val="Can be connected?"/>
<STR name="ORDER_GETWITHME_LBL" val="This order take-out"/>
<STR name="ORDER_YES_LBL" val="Yes"/>
<STR name="ORDER_NO_LBL" val="No"/>
<STR name="ORDER_NOTHINGTOSAVE_WRNG" val="Nothing to save"/>
<STR name="START_LOADPOSTER_BUTTON" val="Load poster"/>
<STR name="POSTER_M1" val="Jan"/>
<STR name="POSTER_M2" val="Feb"/>
<STR name="POSTER_M3" val="Mar"/>
<STR name="POSTER_M4" val="Apr"/>
<STR name="POSTER_M5" val="May"/>
<STR name="POSTER_M6" val="Jun"/>
<STR name="POSTER_M7" val="Jul"/>
<STR name="POSTER_M8" val="Aug"/>
<STR name="POSTER_M9" val="Sep"/>
<STR name="POSTER_M10" val="Oct"/>
<STR name="POSTER_M11" val="Nov"/>
<STR name="POSTER_M12" val="Dec"/>
<STR name="POSTER_D1" val="Mon"/>
<STR name="POSTER_D2" val="Tue"/>
<STR name="POSTER_D3" val="Wed"/>
<STR name="POSTER_D4" val="Thu"/>
<STR name="POSTER_D5" val="Fri"/>
<STR name="POSTER_D6" val="Sat"/>
<STR name="POSTER_D7" val="Sun"/>
<STR name="POSTER_MM1" val="January"/>
<STR name="POSTER_MM2" val="February"/>
<STR name="POSTER_MM3" val="March"/>
<STR name="POSTER_MM4" val="April"/>
<STR name="POSTER_MM5" val="May"/>
<STR name="POSTER_MM6" val="June"/>
<STR name="POSTER_MM7" val="Jule"/>
<STR name="POSTER_MM8" val="August"/>
<STR name="POSTER_MM9" val="September"/>
<STR name="POSTER_MM10" val="October"/>
<STR name="POSTER_MM11" val="November"/>
<STR name="POSTER_MM12" val="December"/>
<STR name="POSTER_POSTER" val="Poster"/>
<STR name="POSTER_HALLPLAN" val="Hall plan"/>
<STR name="POSTER_SEND" val="Send"/>
<STR name="POSTER_YOUR_WISHES" val="Your Wisher"/>
<STR name="POSTER_PLAYER_TITLE" val="Player now:"/>
<STR name="POSTER_TODAY" val="Today"/>
<STR name="POSTER_POSTER_FOR" val="Poster for"/>
<STR name="POSTER_NODATA" val="No data..."/>
<STR name="POSTER_MORE" val="more"/>
<STR name="POSTER_CLOSE" val="Close"/>
<STR name="POSTER_BACK" val="Back"/>
<STR name="POSTER_RESERV_TABLE" val="Reserve a table"/>
<STR name="POSTER_TABLE_NUM" val="Table #"/>
<STR name="POSTER_LOCATION" val="Location"/>
<STR name="POSTER_SEATS_TABLE" val="Seats at table"/>
<STR name="POSTER_RESERVED_TABLE" val="Reserve a table"/>
<STR name="POSTER_OTHER" val="Other"/>
<STR name="LOADPROGRESS_LBL" val="Loading..."/>
<STR name="CLOSEAPP_MSG" val="Close application."/>
<STR name="ORDER_NEWDISH_LBL" val="New dishes"/>
<STR name="ORDER_OLDDISH_LBL" val="Meals are served at the table."/>
<STR name="ORDER_TOTAL_LBL" val="Total:"/>
<STR name="ORDER_TOTALSUM_LBL" val="Your order amount is:"/>
<STR name="WAITERMSG_TITLE_LBL" val="Comments"/>
<STR name="WAITERMSG_CLOSEBTN_LBL" val="Close"/>
<STR name="WAITERMSG_SENDBTN_LBL" val="Send"/>
<STR name="WAITERMSG_TYPE_CONTENTMENT" val="Contentment"/>
<STR name="WAITERMSG_TYPE_MENU" val="Menu"/>
<STR name="WAITERMSG_TYPE_WAITER" val="Waiter"/>
<STR name="WAITERMSG_YOUSERVINGWAITER" val="You are serving waiter"/>
<STR name="WAITERMSG_THANKS_MSG" val="Thank you for your comment"/>
<STR name="WAITERMSG_THANKS_TITLE" val="Comments"/>
<STR name="DISHWEIGHT_GRAMM" val="g"/>
<STR name="Do not disturb" val="Do not disturb"/>
<STR name="Out" val="Out"/>
<STR name="Loading..." val="Loading..."/>
<STR name="Please wait..." val="Please wait..."/>
<STR name="Please come" val="Please come"/>
<STR name="CURRENCY" val="r."/>
<STR name="Close" val="Close"/>
<STR name="Cancel" val="Cancel"/>
<STR name="Save" val="Save"/>
<STR name="Check" val="Check"/>
<STR name="TABBAR_MENU" val="Menu"/>
<STR name="PHGAL_MODREQ_SELREQPREF" val="select requared preferences"/>
<STR name="PHGAL_MODREQ_LBL" val="Preferences"/>
<STR name="PHOTOGAL_ADDDISH_LBL" val="Append to order"/>
<STR name="START_DEMOCOMM_FORMAT" val="* To run demo regime enter '%@' in 'Water code' field and press 'Authorize'."/>
<STR name="START_DEMOWELCOME_MSG" val="Welcome to the demo mode!"/>
<STR name="ORDER_SAVE_ERRMSG" val="Error save order."/>
<STR name="ORDER_ADOPTED_MSG" val="Your order is adopted."/>
<STR name="ORDER_WAITERCOMMON_MSG" val="It will take about a minute the waiter come to your table to specify your order. Thanks for your comment."/>
<STR name="WAITERMESSAGE_1" val="Contentment"/>
<STR name="WAITERMESSAGE_2" val="Menu"/>
<STR name="WAITERMESSAGE_3" val="Waiter"/>
<STR name="SMILE_5" val="Very bad"/>
<STR name="SMILE_4" val="Bad"/>
<STR name="SMILE_3" val="Satisfactorily"/>
<STR name="SMILE_2" val="Good"/>
<STR name="SMILE_1" val="Perfectly"/>
<STR name="COMBODISH_NULLPRICE_PLH" val="Composite"/>
<STR name="WRNG_" val=""/>
</NAMES> Settings description <RES> tag "Ident=" parameter is the language ident for those strings which are inside this tag. Please, remove all languages that you do not use strings from this file.

2.3. Additional settings in iOS

2.3.1. Open iOS "Settings" Apps section.
2.3.2. Choose "RkOrder" and put in iPadServer IP and port (you may not set server name).

2.3.3. You may not set these parameters if you use UDP instead of TCP.

2.4. Licensing

2.4.1. The server is protected with a Guardant key.
2.4.2. You should also get a license key which restricts your device number to some quantity. This quantity is saved to log file on server start and license check.
2.4.3. To get and save license follow 3.2.instructions.
2.4.4. Your iPadServer key with license is the only Rk-Order protection method. No licensing in RK7 manager station required.
2.4.5. Note that licensing has been changed since iPadServer version 2.0.9. Use new LUpdater (iPadLUpdaterNew.exe) application for recent versions. Delete old licensing utility than.
2.4.6. It is NOT possible to use one Guardant key both for MobileWaiter and Rk-Order at the same time, because of UCS licensing policy.
2.4.7. In case of RK6 TMS server should also be licensed (only 1 device license for iPadServer connection required).

3. Start and use

3.1. Start RK7 modules.
3.2. Start iPadServer.exe
3.3. Start iOS application and log in.

3.4. Note that you cannot see previous order on Rk-Order after relogin to the application, only in cash station waiter can see total order (merge of saved batches).

4. Troubleshooting (RK7)

4.1. For general troubleshooting follow instructions.
4.2. For xml interface related issues follow 6. instructions.
4.3. If you've got all \XMLs\ inside iPadServer folders downloaded from RK7 (not empty files with correct structure), but something showed not correctly in Rk-Order application, it should be wrong referenced structure made in RK7.
4.4. If you are able to login with some employee credentials, but there is no menu structure shown, you have to check: language idents, menu structure in RK7, menu in iPadServer \XMLs\ folder.

4.5. If you cannot upload newly added menu items to application, restart iPadServer and execute "reload" options in its GUI. Also check all intermediate files to have these items inside.

5. R-Keeper 6 Rk-Order installation

5.1. RK6 settings

5.1.1. In Editor Minimum E_Rest version to use with Rk-Order is 6.93.10. Rk-Order takes all RK6 data from shared folder. You have to put dishes images to this folder also. Set this pathway as in Menu hierarchy should be of 3 level: menu groups -> menu subgroups -> dishes obligatory. If your RK6 menu is not 3 level one, change that. You should use station view reference also to do that as in The same way as in RK7, you have to put dishes only to 3rd level, 1st and 2nd levels are only selector pages, but they have to be created. There are special dishes properties: yield, recipe short, recipe full (all these fields have 2 languages). To export references changes to Rk-Order you have to push "Menu" -> "Transfer to Rk-Order". This operation will create an xml file with necessary data in the exchange folder. Enable propery "not to show to guests" in modifiers reference if you don't want these modifiers be available in Rk-Order. Allowed modifiers will be in application as shown below. You have to create a station screen ecpecially for Rk-Order with corresponding check box property enabled ("for Rk-Order"). In this station screen you need to set up only "menu" area. Set all dishes to be available to guests (by timetable, by option "absent now"). Make sure you have set proper conditions for dishes availability. There are 2 special tabs in dish properties: Rk-Order and Description. Their fields should be filled in obligatory. Make sure that menu structure is 3 level with dises only in 3rd level, complete all properties for this view in RK6 before exporting RK6ORDER.XML. Export changes to Rk-Order by pressing "Menu" -> "Transfer to Rk-Order" and the file RK6ORDER.XML will be updated.

5.1.2. In Rkeeper.ini Exchange folder is to be set in Rkeeper.ini.

RTSGrid=4 "RKOrderDir=" is a pathway to \iPadServer\Images\ , the same as in TMS2.ini , but folder only (without filename).

5.2. TMS2 settings

5.2.1. TMS2 server is additionally used for communication between RK6 and iPadServer (use version and later).
5.2.2. In tms2.ini set the pathway to RK6ORDER.XML, both languages idents.

XMLPath=D:\RK6\RK694\RKORDER\iPadServer\Images\RK6ORDER.XML XMLPath is a full pathway to RK6ORDER.XML file, which is manually loaded from РК6 editor and has all necessary references inside (for Rk-Order).
5.2.3. All the other setting do as usually (for mobile waiter).

5.3. iPadServer settings

5.3.1. Set [RK6] section in iPadServer.ini.


5.3.2. You have to fill in legacy TMS2 server connection properties.
5.3.3. Set all the other parameters RK7 like, and do not forget that [KEY] section "KeyPublicNo=" cannot be the same as for TMS.
5.3.4. Do not forget that in settings.xml you should set connection to iPadServer, not to TMS.