1. Utility "RK6 to RK7": making import from R-Keeper 6 to R-Keeper 7

Utility can be downloaded from UCS FTP server from folder:

2. Localization

* If you copy only exe-file of utility, then language by default is English.
* If you need Russian language, then place file RK6ToRK7.rus near exe-file
* File ‘RK6toRK7.rus’ can be translated to any language with the help of langer.exe.
* Article in Russian

3. How to use rk6tork7.exe

* You can import only references (not checks).
* Source: path to folder DB of R-Keeper 6.
* Destination: path to folder with rk7.udb of R-Keeper 7.
* Category: category from RK6
* Restaurant: enter name (or select existing) for restaurant, that will be used in RK7
* Menu code range: added to avoid equal codes of menu items (in case several RK6 databases are added in one RK7 database)
* Put necessary ticks near items that you want to import.