1. General information

1.1. RK7 has useful mechanism of import and export data using files.
1.2. There are many different formats available depend on object and purpose.
1.3. Besides particular object depending formats there are some universal reference transfer exist (using XML). You are able to use this mechanism in order to transfer several objects from one database to another jointly.

2. XML format

2.1. XML transer uses RK7 manager station functions. Open available actions after chosen object(s) and choose "save item(s) to XML file).

2.2. Make a sure that there are files you want to export and press "Save XML File".

2.3. Enter name of file to save elements. Export actions are done now.

2.4. Make sure that in the your import DB there are no importing elements (or there are existed and you want to update it). Select "Service" - "XML Import/Export".

2.5.  In "XML Import/Export" window press "Load XML File".

2.6. Choise a file with importing elements.

2.7. Make sure that it is correct and press "Add items".

2.8. Answer "Yes". Make sure that you have a backup!

2.9. Make sure it is OK. If it is not, restore your backup of DB.

3. MAK, CUB and other report structure related layouts

3.1. Main points about layouts manipulation described in.

4. CSV and other report formats

4.1. Use FastReport preview to export report to file.

5. Remarks

5.1. Следует отметить, что на данный момент механизм находится на стадии тестирования, принимаются предложения по его улучшению и доработкам, а так же сообщения об ошибках. В любом случае при любом использовании процедуры импорта необходимо сделать резервную копию базы данных справочников. Далее следует описание процесса по шагам.