1. General

1.1. This software (Rkinv.exe) makes it possible use of inventory functions on RK7 cash station with data transmission to SH4 (usually for bar goods).

1.2. You are able to use barcode reader (or another reader - input device) and scales.
1.3. The Shinvent.dll library is used to send data to StoreHouse4.

1.4. Inventory server utilizes rnbopen protocol, and pds_netk has to be renamed for RK7 connection (take pds_netk.dll from RK7 distributive and rename that to rnbopen.dll, make ini settings as for pds_netk in [Rnbopen] section).

1.5. You should set menu item barcodes in SH4.

1.6. Inventory purpose is to count and compare (check) goods real and estimated quantities.

2. Files and settings

2.1. Get files

2.1.1. Get files of inventory server from ftpint.ucs.ru/dealers/storehouse/sh4/sh4inventory/chashInventory/ to install.
2.1.2. Copy to inventory server folder files from RK7 distributive /bin/win/Inventory/ folder.

2.1.3. Final set of files in server folder is: rkinv.exe, borlndmm.dll, dllman.dll, DoMan.dll, errors32.dll, Netkern.dll, pds_netk.dll, RK7RUS.dll, rnbopen.dll, TCPSOC.dll, Thread32.dll, SdbCli.dll, SdbVcl.dll, shInvent.dll, rkinv.ini, SHInvent.ini, netk.ini, RTL60.BPL.

2.1.4. All reqired for shInvent.dll libraries (mentioned above) you have to copy from current SH4 installtion (it might be good to install SH4 client to the same OS as rkinv server).

2.2. Set rkinv.ini

2.2.1. Set rkinv.ini settings file for rkinv.exe.
2.2.2. Format

1 = Rnbopen




CharCode=RK7RUS "NetServerName=" is the inventory server network name (the same as set in 2.4.1.). "CharCode=" is the language encoding .dll name (RUS, LITVA,...). Windows default is used if nothing set here.

2.3. Start rkinv.exe

2.3.1. Install as windows service using '/INSTALL' parameter (Windows XP advisable way).
2.3.2. Deinstallation may be done running with '/UNINSTALL' parameter.
2.3.3. You may run as desktop application starting with '/DESKTOP' parameter.

2.3.4. In case you set pds_netk library as is (not like in 1.4. renamed), you get another 'module' started.

2.4. Set rk7man

2.4.1. In RK7 general parameter “Inventory server” set network name the same as in 2.2.2.

2.4.2. You have to add corresponding 'Inventory' right to user groups who should be able to make inventory.

2.4.3. Add and configure device drivers for cash station: scales, barcode reader.

2.5. Set shinvent.ini

2.5.1. In this file you set SH4 server connection description.

2.5.2. Format

USERNAME = 'Admin'

DEPARTXX = Y In [STOCKLIST] section you have to set stock RIDs - order categories correspondence (ХХ- order category code, they are used on that RK7 cash station; Y - stock RID, which one may found in FastReport correcpondent reference [Report."Report.102.1.0"] field). Example: "DEPART77 = 1". In case of wrong order category code set you get error message: "Error: DEP:%n%. Stock is not defined for DEP"; in case of wrong stock RID set you get error message: "Error: Db exception # 48 Unknown exception of the server procedure 48". [SERVER] section "SERVNAME =" parameter is SH4 server name (could be "SDBSERV" or '' - the same as for SH4 client). "USERNAME =" and "PASSWORD =" set the same as for SH4 client login.

2.6. Licensing

2.6.1. Inventory server does not require any specific license, but it connects to SH4 server the same way as SH4 client - hence, it utilizes one licensed connection.

2.7. Set SH4

2.7.1. Set in each good card possible measuring units.

2.7.2. Set barcodes for goods.

2.7.3. Set package weights.

2.7.4. Set username and password if necessary to use special user for inventory.

3. Use

3.1. Make sure all mentioned above applications are rinning.
3.2. Open inventory form from RK7 cash station main menu.

3.3. Enter or scan current dish barcode and press 'search'.

3.4. Point the weight and quantity.


3.5. Input another dish or press "save".

3.6. As a result, you get new document in StoreHouse4 (c/s type).