0. Description

0.1. In modern versions (7.5.x.x.) this function was deprecated.

1. How to set

In Service > Stations and devices add “Graph Spy Module” to your cash station from drivers list:

2. How to view

Right-click on station in the list (Service > Stations and devices) and choose Actions > Remote view from pop-up menu.

In the next window select IP-address address of cash station and press button “Start Spy” to view your cash station.

If you want to save screenshot, press corresponding button in the right-top corner:

Note: screenshots are saved in folder with rk7man.exe in new folder CashShot according to the mask: <cash_station_name>+<00000001>.BMP
(SPY_CASH00000001.BMP, SPY_CASH00000002.BMP, SPY_CASH00000003.BMP, etc)