1. General information

1.1. You are able to export sales data and goods to SH4 from RK7 using special utility.

1.1.1. There are several applications described below for closed shifts data export.

1.1.2. There is additional realtime export option (for open shifts).

1.1.3. There is optional automatic export or manual.

1.2. You are able to import self-cost for menu items from SH4 to RK7.

2. Export to SH4 from RK7

2.1. Closed shifts data

2.1.1. All the settings described in 5.  . They are valid for importrk tool only.

2.1.2. There are 2 utilities for export: DataCollector (modern) and importrk (deprecated). See DataCollector below in 2.3.

2.2. RKOnline

2.2.1. This module is made to be used in external utilities (like Sh4Utils.exe). It provides you real time stock rests in SH4UTILS. This information (availability of goods in stock after previous common shift on compare with current shift expenditure) can be used in costom reports.
2.2.2. To the Sh4Utils.exe application folder put rkonline.dll library (that provides information from R-keeper 7 for SH4 extra report module), errors32.dll, thread32.dll, dllman.dll, tcpsoc.dll (or another network driver) and rkonline.ini from folder \BIN\\RKOnline\.
2.2.3. Set rkonline.ini :

protocols = tcpsoc.dll
listen=0 [Config] section "ClientName" (SH4ONLINECLI) parameter. This network name must be unique.

2.2.4. Edit cashier server list inside GUI of Sh4Utils

2.2.4. This realtime data cannot be used in SH4.exe! This is not expenditure procedure, this is just information for extra reports.

2.3. DataCollector

2.3.1. Application can work as desktop only. Extract package to some folder.

2.3.2. DataCollector will take data from RK7 report server MSSQL DB and tranfer it to SH4 DB. So, your RK7 report server must be set properly before you set DataCollector. This application will careate and use tables data_shcr_* in this DB.

2.3.3. Set connection parameters in shcr.udl file.

2.3.4. Set data transfer options in Settings.exe application.

2.3.5. Use DataCollector.exe application for data tranfer execution.

2.3.6. For periodic automatic execution, set Sheduler.exe.

3. Import from SH4 to RK7

3.1. Self-cost

3.1.1. Put all files DLL (DoMan.dll, RTL60.BPL, sDbCli.dll, SdbVcl.dll)  from \BIN\SH4Import\ folder of RK7 distributive to the folder where RefSrv.exe is running.

3.1.2. Setup RK7 manager station. Make sure you set proper export settings, before setting import. Open rk7man menu "Parameters" -> "installation" -> "link with other systems" -> "StoreHouse4" and set them. Set proper "SH4 DB configuration" in [Service]->[Data export] reference. Use the same connection string as in sh.exe This connection string "server" parameter may include IP address or SH4 server name. Assign that configuration to self-cost type. Create one or several self-cost types in RK7. There must be set the same items hierarchy name "commodity group" as in SH4.exe Go on import using [Service]->[Data import] reference. Import must be executed like this, manually.

3.1.3. Minimal ShServ.dll version is 4.35.52.