This software is not for installation any more.
Read current info in.
Reservation system consists of separate server and client.
Main scheme of working:
1) Reservations are created in separate program (window of reservation client).
2) Client connects to reservation server, which transfers information to midserver. On cash stations waiters see tables, on which reservations were created.
3) If needed, you can check reservations report inside the program. All information about reservations is stored in Reservation.udb.

Reservation system requires:
1) Protocol NetBEUI (don’t mess with NetBIOS).
It should be installed on computer with reservation system).
Can be found on our FTP here: /dealers/r-keeper/Tools/netbeui_xp/ (file readme.txt how to install is also situated in this folder)
2) Version of R-Keeper 7 - and higher.
3) File borlndmm.dll (make sure, it is placed in BIN/WIN folder of your midserver).


Downloading system

Reservation system can be downloaded from our FTP (/dealers/Reservation/).
Note: also please make sure, that you use latest MonDLL.dll and NetMonDLL.dll (they are in archive with RK7 in BIN/WebMon). Please use files of RK7 ver. and higher.


Settings on manager station

XML interface

* On manager station in Service --- Stations and Devices add XML interface for Windows to necessary midserver. Set port for it (by default it is 2233).
* Check, that in Service --- Interfaces --- XML interface such interface is linked with corresponding midserver in section “DLL library files”.
* After starting midserver interface appears in the list “Interfaces” in properties of midserver.

Parameters on manager station

Options --- Parameters --- Options usage --- Use reservation
Main parameter, should be switched on.
If this parameter is switched off, reservation info is not applied on midserver, so reservation system is not working (even if you set all ini-files to provide connection between midserver and reservation server).
Options --- Parameters --- Enterprise working settings --- Reservation
* Reservation: Expiration time
If nobody comes for this reservation, order is closed after this period of time (in minutes).
* Reservation: Take table time
Table is considered as “occupied” in such period of time (in minutes) before reservation starts.
* Reservation: Warning before beginning
If an attempt to occupy reserved table is made, warning message is shown to employees in such period (in minutes).

Setting reservation server and reservation client

Setting MonDLL.ini

File MonDLL.ini has structure like this:
Station=rserver //reservation server name
server=midserver_name //midserver, to which reservation system will connect
testmessages=0 //for debugging set 1, but it will slow work, so if not necessary, leave 0 by default

If reservation system and midserver are on different computers, they will work by their NetBIOS names.
If still no connection, try to add this section in the end of MonDLL.ini:
midserver_name=[IP-address of computer, where midserver is installed]:[port on which midserver works]


File RESSERV.ini has structure like this:
1 = RLocal
2 = RNBOpen

Server = rserver
//reservation server name, the same as in MonDLL.ini, should be unique

KeepDay = 2

// path to MonDLL.dll
// better to place in the same folder with reservation server
//output directory, usually path to reservation client plus any temporary directory

//IP-address of computer with midserver and port, which is set on manager station in properties of XML interface for this midserver
           Note: better use computer network name, for example:

Setting ResClnt.ini

This ini-file has structure like this:
[ResServ] //reservation server section
ResServ=rserver //reservation server name
SelfName=rrrcli //reservation client name, should be unique
Adapter=4 //adapter number, on which NetBEUi is installed on your computer

Note: you can use utility lanacfg.exe from our FTP to know this number.
Utility can be found here: /dealers/r-keeper/Tools/Lanacfg/
Run it (from commander prompt) like this: clanacfg.exe showlanapaths

[Scale] //reservation time scale
//min amount of days in time scale
//if BackTime is not set, it is time (in hours), from what scale starts
//time (in hours), which is deducted from current to receive beginning time of time scale
//amount of days in time scale to display before current date
//time interval for all rounding rules

[Limits] //section with limits
//time (in hours) to end applying reservations
//time (in hours) to change subscription into reservation
//so system will automatically create reservation, when subscription time comes.

OutPutDir=c:\reservation\res\Output\ //images of hall plans

How to receive license for reservation system

1) For now license is based on USB key number, which is plugged into your computer. So you can move this system from computer to computer, if you unplug the key from "old" computer and plug it to "new".
2) If you re-install Windows or change hardware of computer, it will not affect license of reservation system, because it is based only on USB key.
3) If several keys are plugged, remove all of them except one key, on which you want to base your license for reservation system. After reservation system key is generated by LUpdater.exe, you can plug back to computer all USB keys.

Run file LUpdater.exe, press button Read. Field Key will be filled with generated key.

Send this key to Gulnur ( Your email should contain:
1) restaurant name (in this case, when you are only testing reservation system, please write, that it is your ShowRoom).
2) key, which was generated by LUpdater.exe.

After license will be generated, Gulnur will send it to you.
You add license code in the field of LUpdater.exe (in the bottom, on screenshot it is line with zeros - 00000000000000000) and press the button Write.

Note: don’t be afraid, that key in field “Key” is changing. Only 2 first digits change (they stand for current date), other digits remain the same.

Running system


Run RESSERV.exe, icon will appear in tray – 

If you make double-click on the icon, window of reservation server will be shown.
It consists of several sections:

Make sure, that section Protocols is not empty, otherwise check path to MonDLL.dll and settings in RESSERV.ini and MonDLL.ini.
Note: to switch off server, make a right-click on any string in section Protocols and choose Shutdown.


After running ResClnt.exe, main login window will be shown on the screen
(Login=UCS, Password=ucs)
Later other users can be added to system (please see below).

If there is connection between reservation server and client, it will be shown in properties of reservation server in “Connects” section.

How to translate reservation system

Language Localizator

Both EXE-files of server and client are translated with the help of program Language Localizator into any language that you need.
Sequence of actions:
1) In the left part of the window choose language, in that you wish to translate.
2) Press button “Add file”, in new dialog window choose exe-file for translation.
3) Sections in hierarchy, that you need, are String and RC_Data.
4) Make right-click on them, choose Assign source language. Choose RU.
5) Translate all strings in these sections.
6) After everything is translated, press button Put to the program (Ctrl+F9).
1) Avoid translating system names (of database, of tables in database, for example, "Reservation.udb"), because it can cause errors.
2) General rule is to translate only strings in Russian into your own language – they stand for main menu, strings, labels, captions of windows, etc.

How to apply already made translation into new exe-file

Situation: you made a full translation of reservation server and client. After some time our programmers recompiled exe-files and released new version of reservation system. You want to apply your translation from “old” files to new files.
All translated strings are stored in file Loc_XXX.trn (usually in folder with Localizator, for example C:\Localizator).
You should do usual sequence of actions for translating – add exe-file, assign source language for it.
To apply your translation, press on button “Translate all untranslated lines” (Ctrl+A), all already made translations will be taken from dictionary. If programmers added some abilities (and therefore, added some strings of menus, windows, etc), you should translated them.

ATTENTION: before applying your translation, please manually lock all fields with system names to avoid errors. For example, field “Name” (if not locked) will be translated anyway by Localizator, without difference is it system or not.  

Working with system

Make sure, that your midserver is started.
Main window of reservation system looks like this:

Window consists of 2 parts – in left part there is hierarchy of tables in hall plan, in right part there is grid with times (of current date) and tables of current hall plan.

Icons on panel

1 – Exit from the system
2 – Edit client
3 – Find client
4 – New reservation
5 – Edit reservation
6 – Delete reservation
7 – Delete all hall plan reservation
8 – Delete all table reservation
9 – Delete reservation by time interval
10 – Fine reservation
11 – Add reservation on hall plan
12 – Show free tables
13 – Approve subscription.

Menu “File”


Duplicate all settings that you already edited in ResClnt.ini – client name, server name, port, time parameters. Need restarting system to apply changes.

Reload data

Usually synchronization with midserver is done every minute. If you want to save changes immediately, you should reload data.


Imports all data (hall plans, tables) from midserver to Reservation.udb database.
All imported tables appear in hierarchy in the left part of the screen.
Note: if there is connection between reservation server and midserver, name of your reservation server is shown in section “Cash stations” in properties of midserver.


Ability to close window of reservation client and exit from the system.


Add hall plan

Manually creates new hall plan in the system (additional one, not from RK7 midserver).
You enter new name for this hall plan and (optional) load hall picture for it. Pictures are loaded according to path, that you set in ResClnt.ini file in [IMAGES] section

Edit hall plan

Edit existing hall plan. Edited hall plan depends on cursor position. If you place cursor on any table in the list, you will be able to edit hall plan, to which this table belongs.

Delete hall plan

Deletes existing hall plan. Additional confirmation is needed.

Add table

Adds table to current hall plan (cursor should be placed on hall plan name in hierarchy).
Window with properties of new table will open:
a Device / table number – code of device/table.
a Device / table name
a Quantity of seats
a Parameters for hall plan (X and Y coordinates, width (W) and height (H) of picture)

Edit table

Edit properties of existing table / device.
If you are trying to edit properties of table/device, that was imported from RK7, then device / table name in reservation system will be like property “table name” in RK7, device / table number will contain unique code (do not mix with code of RK7!) of reservation system.

Delete table

Deletes table. Additional confirmation is needed.


Ability to add and edit users, who can login to reservation system. Their logins, passwords and
rights are also set here.
You can add, edit or delete users.

Types of subscriptions

Here you create new type and change time settings for it (day, start time, period).
Also there is an option to edit existing types or delete them.
Note: type of subscription is like a template, on base of that you can create subscription. Use them, if you plan to have several practically similar subscriptions).


Here you connect previously created types with new subscriptions.
You also should set several things:
a Choose time period (during that subscription will work). These periods (start date and end date for subscription) are chosen on calendars.
a Decide, if confirmation is needed (period for confirmation is set in minutes – 15, 30, 45).
a Decide, for what tables subscription can be applied (for example, all tables on current hall plan or only several).
a Decide, what client can use subscription of existing type.

Note: if you wish to give subscription to any client, you should previously create at least 1 client in manual “Clients” (please see below). 



Ability to add new clients.
The main scheme of working (for future) is like this:
Clients can create their own reservations via Internet site (or any other resource) using their logins and passwords.
For now reservation are chosen for particular client/person in our reservation system.
Login and password (for site or any other resource).
If client is of “VIP” type.
Phone numbers
Date of birth.
Any comment (also there is an ability to use this comment as comment for reservation).
Restrictions – forbid all reservations at all or only internet reservations.
Card number
”Smoking information” (smokes, does not smoke, not matter).


Search by client’s login, name, surname, telephone, card number. 


New reservation

List of tables for current hall plan will be displayed in left column (number 100 – 203 on screenshot).
Current time interval will be marked (for example, if system time is 15.34):

Select time interval and table in the list, make a right-click and choose “New reservation”.
New window with properties of reservation (for current table) will appear on the screen:
* date and time to start reservation at and reservation duration.
* reservation name
* quantity of seats
* client (use Search button to find client in database)
* comment for reservation
* hall plan and table
* information about previous reservation
* button “Check accessibility” allow you to check, if table is free.

Press “OK” to save reservation info.

Edit reservation

Edit properties of existing reservation.

Delete reservation

Ability to delete current reservation.

Delete all reservations of hall plan

Ability to delete all reservations of current hall plan.

Delete all reservations of the table

Ability to delete all reservations of current table.

Delete all reservations by time interval

Ability to delete all reservations (choose “start” date + time and “end” date + time for deleting).
Note: current cursor position is important. If it stands on table / device, corresponding property to delete all reservations for particular table /device is available. Also there are abilities to delete all reservations for current hall plan or absolutely all reservations for all hall plans.

Find reservation

Ability to find reservation by any of 3 marks (or using all 3):
a date / time of reservation
a client name (also search in database with client is available)
a hall plan / table

Add reservation in hall plan

Ability to add reservation for hall plan. Properties are the same as for New reservation

Show free tables

Shows all free tables on hall plan (in this case “free” means “without reservation”) .



Starting from version of 08.04.2009 there is option of report viewing available in reservation system.

1) Fill filter for viewing reports date, client) and press OK.

2) Report is shown in separate window:

Name – name of particular reservation
Client – client name of particular reservation
Table – table name of particular reservation
Status – status of particular reservation
Beginning – date and time of reservation start (when it was edited in reservation client window)
Duration – (in minutes) duration of particular reservation

There is also ability to
1) Print report
2) Edit template (via Fast Report system).  



Shows program info.