1. General

1.1. SecondScreenInterfaceXML are windows applications controlled by RK7 cash station (currently described version since

1.2. Cash station sends different mode data to second screen. These modes have unique idents (they are set in SSConfig.xml).

1.3. There is scenario (or several having different conditions) for each mode, and scenario consists of scenes.

1.4. Scene has some algorithm of showing data (it takes one of supported media files to show, which could be .dll application also).

1.5. Scenes are set in <SceneList> tag and scenarios in <ScenarioList> tag of SSConfig.xml.

1.6. Data is showed by several applications named Screens.

1.7. All links to RK7 objects (menu items, categories, business periods) take object 'Code' property (not 'Ident').

1.8. There is Service Quality Index functionality to get customer votes if touch screen (second display must support pointer) used.

1.9. Since 2013-11-01 SecondScreen applications support UCS common server to send data and RK7 manager station plugin to manage settings.

2. Files

2.1. Where to get

2.1.1. Download SS distributive from UCS file server (separately: ftp://ftpint.ucs.ru/Foreigns/RK7/).

2.1.2. Download Adobe Flash active-x component and install that (v.11 and later), may take from ftp://ftpint.ucs.ru/Foreigns/TOOLS/Flash/.

2.2. Which included

2.2.1. There are following files in SS distributive: SecondScreen.dll; SecondScreen.ini (main settings); SSConfig.xml (scenario settings), SSStrings.xml (localized strings), SSDisplay.exe, SSCheck.exe, SSAdvert.exe, SSOffer.exe and 1 folder \media\ with content. As for RK7 plugin manged editions, there are: \SettingsPlugin\ folder with rk7man plugin files: ssxml_settings.dll (plugin driver to be put to \plugins\ folder), \ssxml_settings\ folder with plugin itself: ssxml_settings.ini - settings. \FS_Second_Screen\ folder with UCS feature server software: FeatureServPrj.exe - server executable, MSSQL_FS.udl - DB connection settings, FeatureServPrj.ini - server settings, CREATETABLE.sql - script to create plugin tables in RK7 reference server DB.

2.2.2. You have to copy these files and folder to RK7 cash station(s) working folder (\bin\win\ by default).

2.3. Set application ini

2.3.1. File SSConfig.xml format



default valuedescription




folder with menu item pictures

ImageForMissing=media\image_for_empty.pngimage to be shown if not assigned in RK7 or file not found in 'Dir'




in prices to be shown after dot

Language=ENGto be set the same as may be found in SSStrings.xml
ItemName=Namefield (menu item property) to be shown as dish name
Background=background.jpgpath to common background image
TextColor=000000RRGGBB format hex colour code, text
FlatCheck=0Show check area without border (0=with, 1=no border)
ShowZeroCheckLines=1Show lines on check with amount=0 (0=not to show, 1=show)
ShowNewItem=0Show just added menu item (0=not to show, 1=show)
PicByCode=0Search dish picture in 'Dir' folder named as {dish.code}.png
ShowVoting=0Show voting buttons (0=not to show, 1=show) for service quality feedback on order calculation (Service Quality Index)






Log level (0=no log file, 1=errors only, 2=errors and notice, 3=all)

LogDir=SSLogFilesfolder name to save logs to


Host= SS connection host IP (leave by default
Port=2489Internal SS connection TCP port (leave default 2489 if not busy)



UCS 'Common Server' address, in case you use RK7 manager plugin for scenario configuration (v.7.5.2.x) and FeatureServer. Set it to be empty - SS will use local .xml files than.



6Station code. Leave by default.

2.3.2. Additional description [DISHPICS] "Dir=" is a path to folder with images set in RK7. [OUTPUT] "DecimalDigits=" is a digit quantity in the fractional part of each amount (money). [OUTPUT] "Language=" is a link to current language strings set in SSStrings.xml. In [SCREENPOSITION] section parameters you have to set application position and size. [DISHPICS] "ImageForMissing=" is a path to image file which is shown on missing menu item picture (in RK7 settings or file in given folder). [OUTPUT] "ItemName=" is a link to menu item property from RK7 settings which is shown on its name place (it may be alternative name or user-made property).

2.4. Set xml scenario

2.4.1. File format

        <Screen FileName='SSDisplay.exe' Name='SSDisplay'/>
        <Screen FileName='SSCheck.exe' Name='SSCheck'/>
        <Screen FileName='SSAdvert.exe' Name='SSAdvert'/>
        <Screen FileName='SSOffer.exe' Name='SSOffer'/>
        <Mode Name='Mode_1'>
            <Screen Name='SSDisplay' />
            <Screen Name='SSAdvert' />
        <Mode Name='Mode_11'>
            <Screen Name='SSDisplay' />
            <Screen Name='SSAdvert' />
        <Mode Name='Mode_2'>
            <Screen Name='SSDisplay' />
            <Screen Name='SSAdvert' />
        <Mode Name='Mode_3'>
            <Screen Name='SSDisplay' />
            <Screen Name='SSAdvert' />
        <Mode Name='Mode_4'>
            <Screen Name='SSDisplay' />
            <Screen Name='SSCheck' />
            <Screen Name='SSOffer' />
        <Mode Name='Mode_5'>
            <Screen Name='SSDisplay' />
            <Screen Name='SSCheck' />
            <Screen Name='SSOffer' />
        <Mode Name='Mode_18'>
            <Screen Name='SSDisplay' />
            <Screen Name='SSAdvert' />
         <Scene Id="Pic" FileName="media\big.png" Duration="5">
        <Scene Id="Avi" FileName="media\02.avi" Duration="10">
        <Scene Id="Gallery" FileName="media\gallery.dll">
            dish animated from category with DishGroup
            <parameters DishGroup="2818" CurrencyText="eur" />
        <Scene Id="SceneDish" FileName="media\scene.dll">
            dish animated with DishCode
            <parameters DishCode="182" ShowText="Siesta!" PlateText="It's only" CurrencyText="eur" />
        <Scene Id="LastOffer" FileName="media\special.dll" Duration="5">
            half transparent menu with DishCode
            <parameters DishCode="191" ShowText="Buy also on change"/>
        <Scene Id="OfferGallery" FileName="media\specialgallery.dll" >
            half transparent menu with DishCodes
            <parameters DishCodes="191,192,193" ShowText="Do not forget" />
        <Scene Id="Flash" FileName="media\flash.dll" >
            flash scene
           <parameters />
        <Mode_1 ShowText="Cash station is closed. Pass to another one">
            <Scenario BusinessPeriod="1">
                <ShowScene Id="Zavtrak" />
                <ShowScene Id="Burgers" />
        <Mode_2 ShowText="Cashier registered. Station works in service mode">
            <Scenario BusinessPeriod="1">
                <ShowScene Id="Zavtrak" />
                <ShowScene Id="Burgers" />
        <Mode_11 ShowText="Cash station is free now. Order, please">
            <Scenario With="2817" Without="2818">
                <ShowScene Id="Garnir_1dish" />
            <Scenario With="2818,2817" Without="2819">
                <ShowScene Id="Drink_1dish" />
                   <ShowScene Id="videoclip" />
        <Mode_3 ShowText="You have just ordered:">
            <Scenario With="2818" Without="2817">
                <ShowScene Id="Garnir_1dish" />
            <Scenario With="2818,2817" Without="2819">
                <ShowScene Id="Drink_1dish" />
                <ShowScene Id="Mexican" /><ShowScene Id="French" />
        <Mode_4 ShowText="You ordered:" Comment="Pay_screen">
            <Scenario Payment="true" Comment="On_money_in">
                <ShowScene Id="LastOffer" />
            <Scenario Comment="Default">
                <ShowScene Id="OfferGallery" />
        <Mode_5 ShowText="You ordered:" Comment="Print_screen">
            <Scenario Payment="true" Comment="On_money_in">
                <ShowScene Id="LastOffer" />
            <Scenario Comment="Default">
                <ShowScene Id="OfferGallery" />
        <Mode_18 ShowText="Cash station is closed. Pass to another one">
                  <ShowScene Id="5" /><ShowScene Id="6" />

2.4.2. This scenario file will be created by the plugin in case you use supporting versions (no need to edit xml file manually - just set all you need in rk7man plugin).

2.5. Content (media)

2.5.1. Supported formats. Pictures (as scene = '.png' image with 'MediaWidth' and 'MediaHeight' size). Video (as scene = '.avi' video with 'MediaWidth' and 'MediaHeight' size). DLL scene(s).

#DLL namepurposedetails menu item pictures, names and prices from chosen categoryPictures should be 512*512 px '.png' image with transparent background ('DishGroup' parameter gives what to show) menu item picture, name and price('DishCode' parameter gives what to show) menu item if its price fits change amount (LastOffer)('DishCode' parameter gives what to show)
('DishGroup' parameter gives what to show) menu items from chosen category without prices (50% transparent Gallery)

to be used on 'SSCheck' screen

('DishCode' parameter gives what to show) (flash.dll)
the same scene as 2.5..1.3.9. for horizontal screen orientation You may find in your SS version distributive only compatible .dll files (not all of them mentioned above). Some scenes are deprecated and replaced with other modules.

2.6. Modes

2.6.1. Mode_1 - RK7 login form (no cashier registered).

2.6.2. Mode_2 - RK7 main menu and other service forms (cashier registered and active).

2.6.3. Mode_3 - RK7 order edition form order change state.

2.6.4. Mode_4 - RK7 order edition form order calculation and payment state.

2.6.5. Mode_5 - RK7 order edition form order print receipt state.

2.6.6. Mode_11 - RK7 order creation form.

2.6.7. Mode_18 - RK7 login form (after cashier registered, not active).

3. RK7 settings

3.1. Manager station

3.1.1. Add 'Second Screen with XML interface' to cash station(s) or confirm that it was put there before.

3.1.2. Set 'Log Name' in the interface properties.

3.1.3. Enable large image usage (if not yet done).

3.1.4. Add large images to all menu items that you are going to show on Second screen.

3.1.5. Create Menu classification (if necessary - in case your current classification set does not suite your needs and you want to advertise menu groups on Second screen).

3.1.6. To be able to use time changes in scenario, you have to set Business periods.

4. Use

4.1. Startup

4.1.1. You start RK7 cash station normally. If it has secscr7.dll assigned (Second Screen with XML interface), SecondScreen.dll will be called by RK7 on start. secscr7.dll is 'Second Screen with XML interface' cash station driver file - it will be preloaded by station if you set that in station configuration to this station working folder the same way as other dll files.

4.1.2. SecondScreen.dll will start all .exe of SS (that you set in config files).

4.2. Reports

4.2.1. You may get Service Quality Index (if set to be used) in RK7 reports (available in 'Checks' dataset, ID=14).

4.2.2. ServiceQualityIndex has the following values: good=1, bad=5.

4.2.3. SQI you may find in RK7 DB [PRINTCHECKS] table [SQI] column (field).

4.3. SQI

4.3.1. When ordering finished, on order calculation screen customer will have voting buttons.

4.3.2. After pressing voting button, SQI is saved to DB, and customer gets message.

4.3.3. It is possible to print SQI or its equivalent text to almost any document (editing layouts as usually).