1. General

1.1. There are many possible operation modes in RK7 depend on restaurant concept, routine of work and many other enterprise parameters.

2. Order mode

2.1. There are 2 modes: regular and quick (fast food, cafeteria, canteen).

2.2. In fast food mode you do not use tables to save orders normally, because orders are created to be paid immediately. Exceptions: save to table and drive through and 2 cashier options - for delayed orders.

2.3. By default, cash station is set to have both modes. You may enable or disable them in employee role rights.

2.4. There is also "push to proper form" RK7 common parameter 'Start window' that makes work more convenient.

3. Shifts

3.1. Common shift

3.1.1. What is Common shift is a period of time between work start and end for each cash server daily (the enterprice work period).

3.1.2. Close modes Manual Press "Close common shift" button in cash station main menu. Automatic You are able to set autoclose for overtimed shifts (depend on shift duration set) or at definite time everyday. Change parameter "Common shift autoclose" [Basic]->[Value] to "Close at definite time". Change parameter "Auto close at" [Basic]->[Time] to some time (24h format). You have to set "Cash shift closing" parameter to "Cash with common" in this case obligatory.

3.2. Cashier shift

3.2.1. What is Cash shift is a period of time between work start and end for cashier employee (money shift). RK7 has no user shift. Close cash shift operation does not affect user registration.

3.2.2. Reports Cashier shift has its automatic report on "Close cashier shift" operation, which you enable or disable with common parameter.

3.3. Drawer shift

3.3.1. What is This is period of time and logical unit corresponding to device work (cashier drawer) duration.