1. General

1.1. You should have (for each software of the list below)

1.1.1. Original UCS distributive (files) = english version.

1.1.2. Translated to your main language software distributive.

1.1.3. User manual (local language).

1.1.4. Installation manual (if you have technicals who can't read UCS original english manuals).

1.1.5. Advertisement of at least 2 form: leaflet (A4) and web-page.

1.1.6. License keys (if required by software protection scheme), both Guardant hardware and text key(s), - for your office showroom.

1.1.7. Mentioned localized software should be installed in office showroom with all necessary device connected.

1.1.8. If you have no device in your office, you should have electronic and printed document with good device description there.

1.2. UCS-Moscow supplies all of mentioned above in english (could be russian also on special request).

2. Software readiness accounting table

2.1. You are to make table of ready points.

2.2. Advisable form is shown below.

#SoftNameDistributiveInstallation manualUser manualAdvertisementComment
1R-Keeper 7+https://docs.rkeeper.ru/rk7/latest/ru++
2StoreHouse 4+https://docs.rkeeper.ru/sh4/ru++
3R-Keeper CRM 5+
4Delivery 7 (for RK7 and CRM)+https://docs.r-keeper.ru/ws/rk7_settings-+Not For Sale
5Personal Cards 3+
6Mobile Waiter 7 (for RK7)+
7Rk-Order (for RK7)+
8Shelter 2+https://docs.rkeeper.ru/rk7/7.6.5/ru/english-manuals/rk7-shelter-+
9Reservation (for RK7)+
10Kitchen Display System (for RK7)+
11Video Display Unit (for RK7)---+
12VideoSurveillance 2---+Not for Sale with Rk7
13WebMonitoring (for RK7)+https://docs.rkeeper.ru/rk7/7.6.5/ru/english-manuals/webmonitoring-java-version-in-rk7-+
14WebReports (for RK7)----Not for sale
15TimeKeeper (deprecated - not for sale)-
-+replaced by RK7.5 built-in functions
16RK7 Second Screen (XML)-
17RK7 Mailing Reports---+Not for sale
18Game-Keeper 3+https://docs.rkeeper.ru/rk7/7.6.5/ru/english-manuals/r-keeper7-game-keeper3-interconnection-+
19ElectronicQueue (for RK7+VDU)-https://docs.rkeeper.ru/rk7/7.6.5/ru/english-manuals/sale-ready-ucs-software--
20MenuBoard (for RK7)-https://docs.rkeeper.ru/rk7/7.6.5/ru/english-manuals/menuboard-for-rk7--available since 7.5.3 version of Rk7
21Web Orders (for Delivery 7)----Not For sale
22Personal Cabinet (for CRM)( Global type)----
23Subscription manager(Abonement manager)--+-
25Cash management+https://docs.rkeeper.ru/rk7/7.6.5/ru/english-manuals/cash-management-for-rk7+-

2.3. Add new software to the table when appeared.

3. Dealer licensing accounting

3.1. Each dealer must have license register (book or DB).

3.2. Dealer must record both Guardant keys and license codes.

3.3. Dealer must record: his own (showroom) keys and codes, reserve (not assigned to client) keys and codes, client (sold) keys and codes.

3.4. Register should look like table:

record numberdate time addeddate time changedlicense key (hex)license codelicense requestsoftware protectedlicense ownerlicense typecomment
12013-01-15 17:002013-07-15 11:002168553C31041-65352-40889-32304-52658-4517929383-7704-12380-61525-3817-31844-50159R-Keeper 7 report server

UCS-Moscow showroom,

Denis Morozov test restaurants (code 19999)

showroom (free)

expire 2013-12-31

code for 5 manager
22013-01-15 17:052013-07-15 12:002A797572--Game-Keeper 3 gkPOS

Senzo Mall "Kidzo" game center

Hurghada, Egypt (code 13489)

commercial (paid)

unlimited period

1 POS only

commercial restricted

(waiting for payment)

expire 2013-05-05

6782013-07-07-2A78741C--empty RK7-ready key

3.5. Please, keep business data carefully.

4. When you got customer

4.1. Decide what to sell

4.1.1. Find out customer needs and make offer.

4.2. Prepare installation

4.2.1. You have to follow planning guide.