1. General

1.1. UCS Common Server was made to be used as router for other UCS applications, including RK7 plugins.

1.1.1. CS routes requests from client applications to their feature servers.

1.2. Special separate Feature Servers to be used with connection to Common Server to provide specific data of each application (plugin).

1.2.1. Each client application has its feature server application.

1.2.2. There could be several instances on each type Feature server connected to one Common server, but they have unique GUIDs.

1.3. Currently supported UCS applications:

1.3.1. RK7 MenuBoard (https://docs.rkeeper.ru/rk7/7.6.5/ru/english-manuals/menuboard-for-rk7)

1.3.2. RK7 SecondScreen 

1.3.3. RK7 interactive reports

1.3.4. CRM7 interactive reports

1.3.5. RK7 DashBoard

1.3.6. RK7 TimeKeeper

1.4. Feature servers usually provide data and execute useful operations

1.4.1. DBMS data exchange, store data

1.4.2. Main application (UCS made) interface connection and data exchange

2. Files and folders

2.1. Where to get

2.1.1. Download from UCS FTP server archive with UCS Common Server distributive.

2.2. What's inside

2.2.1. There is only 1 folder with all files inside (other folders will be created by the server during its uptime).

2.3. Manipulations

2.3.1. Extract CS_SQLITE.rar to some folder on your back office server PC.

2.3.2. Start CS_Service.exe as desktop or install as windows service (run install.bat for that and start service after).

2.3.3. If you want to change settings, you have to stop the server CS_Service.exe (windows service), edit CS_Service.ini, and start that server after saved changes to ini.

2.3.4. Common Server SQLITE database (UCS.csdb) is created on server first start in the same folder where this server started.

3. Settings

3.1. CS_Service.ini file format

def_port = 8888
SSL_port = 8889
CertificatePath = .\
ConnectTimeout = 35000
ReceiveTimeout = 35000
SendTimeout = 35000
DB_Connect_Count = 10
Compression = C_Base64_LZ
;work_UDL = "MSSQL.udl"
i_guid = 5Z02E58E-4AF6-4320-85CD-8AEF5AD5CD0A
common_guid = 62CE42DE-050A-4E33-9852-A9D14A0AC1B0
name = DM_COSE

3.2. Description

3.2.1. "def_port" - default TCP port for http protocol connections. Default port is 7007, SSL 7008 (change that to any free).

3.2.2. "i_guid" - GUID of this CS instance.
3.2.3. "certificate_path" - full path to folder with https certificates.
3.2.4. "db_path" - full path to SQlite work DB.
3.2.5. "SSL_port" - SSL crypted TCP port for htts protocol connections.
3.2.6. "connect_timeout(s), receive_timeout(s)" - connection timeout.
3.2.7. "compression" - default compression type for СS data. This parameter "Compression" may have only the following values: c_Base64, c_Base64_LZ, c_Base64_ZLib.
3.2.8. "WORK_DB_NAME" - SQL DB name (leave by default). If there is no "WORK_DB_NAME" parameter in ini file, DB name will be "UCS_COMMON_SERVER_v1_0" (MSSQLS version).

3.2.9. "work_UDL" - SQL connection configuration file path. By default application tries to read "MSSQL.udl" file in current *.ЕХЕ working folder (MSSQLS version). SQLITE version uses UCS.csdb file in working folder.

4. Use

4.1. Run server and connect Feature server(s) to it. Feature server register itself on Common server in order to provide data to client requests in future.