1. Distributives

All files we need for our installation:

2. Setup and startup

1. Common KDS-server installation part described in

2. Unzip a RK7tmsrv_7_3_7_11.7z archive. It is RK7 therminal server. Edit Rkloader.ini:

;Allow to send server address over udp (for KDS ARM)

;T700 ID device - on the device screen (can`t strat with 0 - skip all "0" before)

; Path to client and makets

3.  Edit kdsclient.ini in C:\UCS\KDS_1.2.9.9\Client\:

;UseNewKbd=1 if you are using new keyboard,UseNewKbd=2 if you are using win32 USB keyboard

4. Strat DHCP-server (for example http://tftpd32.jounin.net/tftpd32_download.html) and setup 172.31.32.ххх local sub-network.

5. Unzip KDS_T700.7z and turn-on T700 device.

6. Strat C:\UCS\KDS\T700\T700manager.exe and waiting for our device in list.

7. For installation or update of software to T700 press "INSTALL" button.

WARNING! For using RK7tmsrv.exe your PC need additional IP-address - this address KDS controllers will use for connection.

So if you are using your own DHCP-server, you need to create a route from your local network to 172.31.32.xxx.

8. Start:

  a. C:\UCS\KDS\TMSRV\RK7tmsrv.exe /desktop

DLL: procedure rkGetExtInfo not found in rkloader.dll, V: -1 - just information string, please ignore it).
 b. C:\UCS\KDS_1.2.9.9\Server\\dbmangr_RK7.exe