When using r_keeper 7 with PDS — PERSCARD, the processes of awarding and using bonuses can be configured.

Manager Station Settings

  1. Go to Options > Parameters > Options usage reference and enable the Bonuses parameter: check the Boolean box in the parameter's properties
  2. In the Menu reference, specify the bonus amount/percentage in the dish properties. The bonus amount/percentage should be specified in the Bonus field of the applicable price type. When calculating a bonus based on the order total amount, specify a 100% bonus value in the dish properties, and then adjust the bonus percentage in the details properties

    If the bonus value is to be calculated as a percentage of the dish price, go to Menu > Price Types, select the required price type and check the Percent in Bonus and Default Bonus boxes in its properties

  3. Go to Money > Bonus Types and create relevant bonus types
  4. In the Money > Discounts and Markups, create a new discount. Specify the bonus type and bonus percent in the details properties

    If the Category of the classification, set in the discount properties, is selected for the discount detail, both the discount and the linked bonus will be applicable to certain dishes only. Moreover, all dishes, in this case, should have a 100% bonus.

    If no category is specified in the detail properties, and a 100% bonus is set for several specific dishes only, whereas other dishes have a 0% bonus, the discount will be applicable to all dishes from the menu, meanwhile, the bonus will be calculated for those dishes only with a 100% bonus.

  5. Go to Money > Currencies and select the currency, when paying in which the bonus will be awarded. Specify the Bonus Percent, select the PDS interface and check the Extra Info and Keyboard for Extra Info boxes in its properties

    If there is no information about sales and expenses in the PDS, make sure that the "Ignore in PDS Sales" box is not selected for the currency, in which the order is closed.

    The card server can use the BONUS=DISCOUNT parameter. See the parameter's description in the Installing and Configuring PDS article.


To link a client to the order, select the discount, created in step 4 above, on the Discount tab, and specify the bonus type, created in step 3 above, on the Parameters tab.