This setting should be made when it is required to enter a deposit (advance payment) = 1000 RUB, which is not returned if the order amount is less than 1000 RUB. If the order amount exceeds 1000 RUB, the guest pays the difference.

System configuration method: Prepayment, deposit currency 1000 RUB (for prepayment), Markup (Change Tip).

1Prepayment printing. The guest gets a fiscal receipt for the prepayment transactionThe cashier should manually enter the prepayment in the order
2Dishes in reports and in the warehouse are processed with their own pricesWhen a deposit order is paid, the cashier should choose either to return the change or to save the change as tips. However, an automatic change for RUB can be configured. In this case, the Give change button will be unavailable!
3 Include Change to Tips (yes, no) — should be specified in the parameters
  1. In the manager station, go to Options > Parameters > Options usage > Print documents,  check the Prepay accounting and Tip accounting values
  2. Go to Discounts and Markups and create an undistributed Change for deposit markup

    Do not forget to specify the tax group. Discount breakdown amount = 0.

  3. Configure currencies. In the Rate classes reference, create a new currency rate — Deposit 1000
  4. In the Currencies reference, configure the Deposit 1000 RUB and RUB currencies:
    • in the Basic block of Deposit 1000 RUB properties, select Deposit 1000 in the Rate Class line, set 1.00 as Round Rule. In the Restrictions block, check the Not in Change box
    • in the Basic block of RUB properties, select the Change for deposit markup in the Tip Charge field.
  5. Configure the Cashier role privileges — add the following missing permissions to the standard cashier privileges:
    • Choose order to close
    • Add prepayment
    • Pays
    • Calculate receipt
    • Change in tip