This article describes configuring the discount if, f.ex., there is a promotional offer in the restaurant: Make an order of 1000 rubles and get a 50 rubles discount on all the drinks in the bar!

  1. Go to Menu > Menu Classifications and create a new category, f. ex., Alcohol 2
  2.  Add necessary items from the menu to this group:
  3. Go to Money > Discounts and Markups and create a new discount.
    In our example, the 500 rub in the bar for the order over 1000 rub discount is created. It has the following properties:
    • Basic > Count Type — Amount
    • Basic > Max Amount — 500 rub
    • Restrictions > Min. Order Value — 1000 rub
    • Restrictions > Classification — select a corresponding classification where the required menu category is created — in our example, it is 3 Classification
    • Restrictions > On Order — check the box
  4. Create a detail for this discount with the following properties:
    • Basic > Amount — 500 rub
    • Restrictions > Min Amount —0.00
    • Restrictions > Category — select a corresponding menu category from the classification specified in the discount properties — 8 Alcohol 2 in our example
    • Restrictions > Restaurant — select the restaurant where the discount will be applied —  River Cafe in our example
  5. If an automatic discount is required, go to Money > Discounts and Markups Usage and set Automatically for our 500 rub in the bar for the order over 1000 rub discount.