The result of integration of the r_keeper 7 cash register system and the ITV POS Intellect POS operations control system is video titling. Video content management, processing and storage is only performed at the ITV POS Intellect side.


License is required for the interface operation. The license request is generated via the license server, see the licensing process below.

The license name is R-Keeper 7 Interface for Videoinspection system.

Manager Station Settings

Manager station settings are required for a possibility to view archive videos related to cash register operations in reports.

To enable access to video surveillance functionality in the manager station, enable the Use video surveillance parameter. To do so, go to Options > Parameters > Options usage > Link with additional systems and devices and check the Boolean box:

Interface Settings

  1. In the manager station, go to Service > Stations and Devices, select a required cash server and add the ITV POS Intellect interface from drivers list at the Drivers tab.
    To connect to an external ITV system, in the VideoPath parameter of this driver properties, specify the path to the folder from which the ITV system module will collect files, or specify the IP address in NCR_FORWARD IP and the port of the ITV system module in NCR_FORWARD Port.

    The VideoPath parameter has a higher priority than the NCR_FORWARD IP parameter. If the VideoPath parameter has a specified value, NCR_FORWARD IP will be ignored.

    Interface parameters:

    • NCR_FORWARD IP = — the IP address of NCR_FORWARD.exe  — the ITV module sending data to the POS Intellect

    • NCR_FORWARD Port = 1111 — the NCR_FORWARD port. NCR_FORWARD is not sent if the value is 0

    • Use Alt сharset = No — If Yes, an alternative character set is used, otherwise — a primary one

    • ActualTime = 15 — The time in seconds within which the data is considered up-to-date. The older data is not sent to NCR_FORWARD. This parameter does not affect files recording

    • Log file name — The path to the log file

  2. Go to Service > Interfaces, select a logical interface and link it with the driver: in the DLL Library Files section of the logical interface properties, select ITV POS Intellect interface #1 for the required cash server

  3. Go to Options > Printing > Printer Purpose and create a new printer purpose for the ITV interface

  4. After all the preceding actions, a new parameter — ITV POS Intellect — will appear in the License Information section of the restaurant's properties. Enter the license key in this field

  5. In the Printer Assignments section of the restaurant properties, select the ITV POS Intellect interface for the ITV Purpose parameter created in item 3. You may also use the preset XML Reports printer purpose is possible but it is not recommended. It is also possible to select a printer in the properties of a required cash station instead of the restaurant

  6. The layout method is used for sending data to ITV POS Intellect — the interface processes all the printing info it receives.
    There are two preset layouts in the standard package: 66 ITV POS Intellect for a receipt and 67 ITV POS Intellect for service print.
    Other operations are not supported but if the operation generates some printout, it can be supported independently — to do so, prepare a special layout and configure layout printing for the ITV Pos Intellect interface.


    The layout should generate the data in a specific format. The format is described in Work with xml_titles.txt

  7. After creating your own layouts, edit the Receipt document view in Options > Printing > Printing Schemes.

    Do not change Main Printer Class and Res Printer Class parameters.

    For the XML Printer Class parameter, select ITV purpose, and select ITV POS Intellect for XML Layout in the Basic section.

  8. Go to Options > Printing > Service Schemes, and create a new service check, select ITV POS Intellect interface for the XML Printer property, and select a required layout, f.ex., 67 ITV POS Intellect in the Layout property.

    Do not specify the Printer and Reserved Printer parameters.

  9. Save the changes, restart the cash server and the station.

Separating Titles from Different Cash Stations of One Cash Server

Since the ITV POS Intellect interface is connected to the cash server, titles from all cash stations of this cash server will be sent to one port by default, see NCR_FORWARD Port parameter.
Configuration with 2 interfaces at one cash server should work in theory but has no sense — the cash server only generates service tags, and same data will be sent to both interfaces.
To separate titles from different cash stations of one cash server, the ncr_forward.exe utility,  developed by ITV, can be used. It can be downloaded from FTP:

As a result, the following configuration is used to separate titles:

  • Add one ITV POS Intellect interface to the cash server and configure the NCR_FORWARD IP and NCR_FORWARD Port parameters to connect to ncr_forward.exe
  • In ncr_forward.exe settings, in [FORWARD] section, specify station codes and corresponding ports at the video surveillance server
  • The rest of settings are configured in a standard way

Configuration with ncr_forward.exe will work with any external video surveillance system, integration with which is performed via ITV POS Intellect interface