For [All] > [Receipt payments] > [Payment cards] cube operation, configure the connection of reference server to Card server of PDS system — CardServ.exe.

To do so:

  1. Configure the parameters block for csclink.ini for PDS interface in logical interfaces reference of the manager station:
    • Specify the .INI file name — CscLink.ini
    • Specify the login — the card server login. The user should have a right to view the cards list
    • Specify the password — the user password from the PDS
  2. Download CSCLINK package from the FTP server: Unpack the archive into the reference server folder
  3. Edit CscLink.ini and copy it into the reference server folder. You may have to create the CscLink.ini file manually

    If the .INI file name is other than csclink.ini, rename csclink.dll accordingly

  4. If the connection to CardServ is configured in the .INI file via RTCP, this dll — Rtcp.dll — should be located in the same folder with CscLink.ini
  5. For CScLink.dll to work correctly, configure the currency in the manager station — create a new one if there was none in the Payment Cards group — and link it with the interface from paragraph 1
  6. Restart the reference server
  7. Pay in currency created in paragraph 6
  8. Re-calculate the Payment Cards cube.

    Data on payments in the currency created in paragraph 6 is transferred from the card server to the reference server after the steps above are completed.

CscLink.ini file template:

Log = 1
ERRORLOG=[путь файла]\LogsCSLink.stk


Note that the .INI file does not support comments and shall have no additional records.

Settings description:

  • CSLinkDLL — the name of the DLL file for connection to CardServ
  • CSLinkGate — the input number
  • Client1 — the client name
  • Server1 — CardServ port
  • Port1 — IP address of the computer with CardServ