Let us use the Menu items sold by categories cube in this example.

  1. Go to Options > OLAP reports > Cubes and Reports
  2. In the Sales branch, find the Menu items sold by categories cube
  3. Make a copy of this cube
  4. Open the cube field editor by clicking three dots in the end of the Cube Fields line on the Properties tab
  5. Find the Menu Item branch in the cube structure (Sale Object > Dish > Menu Item), and then the Self-Cost property. Check this property and it will appear in the list of External Dimensions, in the bottom right corner. In this example, we have changed the user name to Self-Cost.
  6. Now, it is possible to change the dimensions of this object, such as fact, actual dimensions, horizontal, vertical, and outer dimensions. When dragging and dropping an object, the dimensions change automatically.

    To use the Self-Cost as a parameter for a formula of any new fact, you should first turn the Self-Cost into a fact.

  7. To create a new fact, click Create User Fact in the Fields menu
  8. Once the calculatable fact is created (for example, Self-Cost Amount), in the fact properties, set Calculate Formula as a calculation type. Indicate the calculation formula, for example [Quantity]*[Self-Cost]. Check the Before grouping box.

    Please, pay attention to the System name property. Later, it will be used when editing the layout for a new report.

  9. Next, save all the changes, recalculate the cube, and check the new fields. The Self-Cost field can be disabled when displayed.
  10. Next, proceeding from the existing cube, you can create a new one or change an existing report by adding the Self-Cost Amount calculatable field.