1. Standard types: Byte, Shortint, Char, Word, SmallInt, Cardinal, Longint, Integer, String, Real, Double, Single, Extended, Comp, Boolean, Array, Record, Variant
  2. Classes, including those that are indicated in an external script
  3. Variables, constants
  4. Libraries for working with DLL, Delphi function calls, type conversion, handling visual objects
  5. Standard expressions: Begin/End, If/Then/Else, For/To/Downto/Do, Case x Of, Repeat/Until, While, With, Uses, Try/Except/Finally Exit, Continue, Break;
  6. Functions, procedures, parameters Array of Const, Var;

The Innerfuse Pascal Script syntax is virtually the same as in Delphi Object Pascal except for indicators that are not supported in this product.

There is a capability to perform basic mathematical operations, a set of type conversion and string functions, and classes like TList and TStringList.

Classes support properties, inheritance, polymorphism.