KDS has not been updated since June 1, 2020. Please use KDS PRO.

The software has not been suported since December 31, 2020.


The KDS server has different configuration files:

  • For versions < the configuration file is FSVDU.ini
  • For versions 1.3.5 or later the file is dbmangr.ini

Server Configuration File

[DB]                                  ; DB settings
allias=KDS_DB                         ; DB alias. It can be configured in the Firebird\aliases.conf file
CharsetName=none                      ; DB Encoding
SrvName=localhost                     ; IP address of the Firebird DB
SrvPort=11255                         ; Firebird DB port
UserName=E5EBE5F8F6F3                 ; the encrypted DB username
UserPass=DFD3C5C8D7C6DDD7CB           ; the encrypted DB user password

[XMLInterface]                        ; XML interface settings
RK7Port=3324                          ; XML interface port
SrvAdress=                   ; cash server

[Main]                                ; main settings
License=21184-10432                   ; KDS license key
AutoCheckMenu=OFF                     ; Menu autocheck. OFF — disabled, ON — enabled
DishPreparedMessage=<DishName> for <TblName> start cooking.
WaiterMessage=Hurry up to the kitchen! ; message to the waiter

[Orders]                               ; order settings
PrintGroups=512,513,514,515,516,517    ; print groups. Configured in the classifications reference at the manager stations There is no need to indicate them manually as they are indicated by the server.    
DelayTimeSec=0                         ; delay in seconds
DelayedPrintGroups=                    ; print groups to which the delay is applied

[Log]                                  ; logging settings
LogLevel=2                             ; logging level 
LogSizeMB=10                           ; maximum log file size in MB 
SingleLog=ON                           ; the whole log in one file. ON — enabled, OFF — disabled. 

Legacy Server Configuration File

Before version, KDS used the FSVDU.ini configuration file.

License=18484-40411-...    ; KDS license key
dbServer=         ; Firebird DB IP address
dbPort=11251               ; Firebird DB port
dbAlias=KDS_DB             ; DB alias. It can be configured in the Firebird\aliases.conf file
Charset = NONE             ; DB encoding
dbuname=E5EBE5F8F6F3       ; the encrypted database username
dbpass=DFD3C5C8D7C6DDD7CB  ; the encrypted password
ServerName=       ; cash server IP address
RK7Port=22400              ; XML interface port at the cash server
MainLog=1                  ; the log file use mode: 1 means that the main log file dbmangr_RK7.LOG is used, 0 means the separate log file RKRead.log is used
LogLevel=0..9              ; logging level
LogSizeMB=10               ; maximum log file size
AutoCheckMenu=0            ; menu autocheck. 1 — enabled, 0 — disabled
IntervalAutochekMenu=120   ; autocheck interval, set in seconds,
DayDownView=1              ; how many latest shifts and their orders are displayed on the screen
DishReadyMessage=Group: <PrintGroup>. Place: <TableNum>. Dish is ready: <DishName> ; message template for ready dishes (communication with waiters)

To display the text Ready for Table <No.>, add the following to the string:

waiterMessage=Готово для <TblNum>     ;  <TblNum> is the table number; you can also use the <WtrName> name which is the name of the waiter to whom the order is assigned.

KDSGuard Configuration File

The KDSGuard utility is designed to deal with possible failures. It is located in the \Server folder.
To launch the utility,specify the full path to the dbmangr_RK7.exe server in KDSGuard.ini. Save changes and run KDSGuard.exe.

Example of the KDSGuard working configuration:


If everything is configured correctly, the KDSGuard window will show the message: Started...<path to the KDS server> and no indication of errors.

Client Configuration File

The kdsclient.ini configuration file is sued only once when the program is launched. Then the settings are transferred to the database, and it is recommended to change them via the settings of the client itself.

To open the settings, run the KDS client and press the F2 button on your keyboard.

Save the settings by pressing the green checkmark in the bottom right corner.

Basic Client Settings:

dbServer=         ; Firebird server IP address
dbPort=11251               ; Firebird server port
dbAlias=KDS_DB             ; DB alias. Can be edited in Firebird\aliases.conf
Charset = NONE             ; DB encoding
dbuname=E5EBE5F8F6F3       ; the encoded username, the same as in the server configuration file
dbpass=DFD3C5C8D7C6DDD7CB  ; the encoded password, the same as in the server configuration file
AlarmTime2d=5              ; if an order has been in the queue for less time than the number of minutes specified here, the frame around this order will be green on the KDS screen

Database Alias Configuration

The database alias is indicated in the [DB] section of the server and client settings:

dbAlias=KDS_DB               ; the database aliases   

The alias is configured in the \Firebird\aliases.conf file:

KDS_DB = D:\KDS_1_3_6\DB\KDS.FDB       ; path to the database file   

Having changed the alias, be sure to change it in the server and client settings.

Printing from KDS

The following abbreviations are supported in print requests:

[PrinterDestination]         ; printer assignment
[PrinterStation]             ; the cash station to which the printer is connected    
[NumOrder]                   ; order number
[NumTable]                   ; table number
[Dishes]                     ; the list of dishes in the order. The string template is taken from the QPrintMaketDishLine.xml file

The following abbreviations are supported in the dish string (the file QPrintMaketDishLine.xml):

[dishCount]                  ; dish quantity
[dishName]                   ; dish name
[dishSeat]                   ; a place to which the dish is assigned (only in version or later)

Large font printing is configured in QPrintMaketDishLine.xml — [Bold], [BigHeight], [BigWidth].