1. This mechanism allows you to view real-time data on sales at the cash registers without a common shift being closed
  2. The data gathering time = the interval specified in report server properties + the interval specified in cash register server properties.
  3. The minimum version is r_keeper
  4. On the server machine, you must register the Midas.dll library before starting (regsvr32.exe midas.dll).

Manager Station Settings

  1. Go to Options > Parameters > Options Usage > Online data gathering and check the Boolean box in the Basic properties
  2. Configure intervals in the properties of the reference or report server and the cash server.
    Specify the time in hh:mm format. I.e., 01:30 means each hour and a half

    The Online sales data parameter must be enabled in the Synchronization section of the cash server.

    To disable online data upload, set the frequency to 00:00.


    If you use intermediate (transit) report servers, you must configure the disconnection of online data processing for them.

Launch and Check

  1. Restart all servers and stations
  2. Pay for the order and wait for the specified time (see paragraph 2 of the Introduction)
  3. Recalculate the required cube and view the report
  4. To optimize the process, we recommend using direct reports, so there is no need for periodic cubes recalculation.

Possible Errors and Solutions

The main problem is related to the absence of the midas.dll library in the folder of the cash or reference server. Check if there is such a library in the corresponding folder.