This article describes how to configure r_keeper connection with a remote PostgreSQL server. The process of installing a database on a remote server is described in the Installing PostgreSQL on Ubuntu article.

Installing the ODBC Driver

Download the ODBC driver corresponding to the installed PostgreSQL version.

r_keeper 7 only works with 32-bit ODBC driver

For example:

Install the downloaded driver on the computer where the r_keeper reference server is installed.
Run the installer and follow the steps sequentially without changing the default settings.

ODBC Driver Configuration

  1. Run the 32-bit version of the ODBC Data Source Application
  2. On the User DSN tab, click Add

  3. In the connection settings window that opens, enter:
    • Data Source - any name of the created source
    • Database - the name of the created database in PostqreSQL
    • Server - the IP address of the PosgreSQL server
    • User Name - the name of the created database user
    • SSL Mode - allow encryption, leave Allow
    • Port - connection port
    • Password - the password of the database user
    • Click Test to test the created connection
    • Click OK, then Save.

Configuring External Database in r_keeper 7

  1. Start the reference server
  2. Start the manager station and log in
  3. Go to Service > Data Export > External Database Configurations
  4. Make a copy of PostgreSQL, for example, pgs. To do this:
    • Right-click on the database name
    • Select New (as copy) External Base Configuration
    • Enter the name of the new database
    • Change the status to Active.
    • In the Connection string field, click on three dots
    • On the Connection tab, click Build... 

    • In the Select Data Source window, go to the Machine Data Source tab and select the previously created ODBC data source from the available options
    • Enter your database username and password.
    • Select the created base from the drop-down list.
    • Click Test Connection
    • A successful verification message appears:

Unloading References into Database

To upload data from r_keeper to the created database in the manager station:

  1. Go to Service > Export Data > Export to Other Database

  2. In the DB connection settings block, enter:
    1. ADOBasePass — the password of the database user
    2. ADOBaseSett — select the created connection from the drop-down list
    3. ADOBaseUser — the username of the database
  3. Click Test
  4. After checking, the OK button will become active
  5. Click OK, the export of data to another database will start
  6. Go to Options > OLAP Reports > Reporting Servers
  7. Select the reference server and specify the created connection to the database, username, and password in the External Data Base Link section
  8. The connection is configured, now you can work with cubic reports.