1. Make a copy of the dish consumption cube and rename it;
  2. Add the Rate field into the cube: Axis – Outer Dimensions. Specify the user name. This field will show the VAT rate used in reports, for instance, 0, 10, or 18.
  3. Add the VAT field – Amount. Axis – Fact. Specify the user name.
  4. Add the Amount without VAT field. The field is created in the Calculated Fields group. Right-click and choose Create User Fact. Axis – Fact. Specify the username.
  5. Make the following settings for Amount without VAT in the calculated fields: check the Before grouping box. Select Calculate Formula in Calculation Type line. Enter the calculation formula in the Formula line: Paid Sum -Tax 'VAT'- Amount.
  6. Recalculate the new cube. Right-click the cube. Select Actions — Recalculate.

  7. The following data will be available in the new cube: