Adjustable discount is a type of discount that is not preset and it should be entered at the cashdesk.

The discount rate in the order can be set by default. The value by default can be set in the manager account. If the value is set as zero, after adding it to the order, it will be displayed as a separate empty line.

The discount buttons from the discount list in the order contain the information about the type of the discount: percent or amount.

The discounts for the “order” and the “seats” can be added in the following ways:

  1. While adding the discount: Extra - discounts - insert the amount on the numeric keyboard - tap on the discount

2. After adding: extra - discount - select the discount - enter the amount on the numeric keyboard - tap on “Open price”. This method can also be used to update the discounts already added.

Enter the amount of the discount, if the discount/markup is marked as Amount, if it is marked as Percent - enter the percent value. The discount percent is displayed on the left of the discount title, if it is marked as Percent, to the right you can see the discount amount.

To add the adjustable discount for the dish:

  1. Select the dish in the order;

  2. Choose discount type - “dish” (Extra - Discount - Discount on a dish);

  3. Enter the amount on the keyboard and tap on the discount.

To adjust the discount value for a “dish” you need:

  1. Set the discount for the dish;

  2. Switch to the “Content” mode (Extra - Content);

3. Tap on “Change discount value”

4. Enter the amount on a keyboard;

5. The discount value in the order will be adjusted automatically. To exit the ”Content” mode, tap on

The materials are prepared in collaboration with R-Keeper Finland, Pankkih Oy, the authorized dealer