Manual awards and penalties may be assigned at the cash station.

Automatic awards and penalties require special settings at the manager station. Such awards and penalties, along with the manual ones, may be seen in the Special reports – Awards and penalties cash reports, or in the interactive awards and penalties report.

To add a new penalty or award at the cash station, open the Awards and penalties form.

In the Awards and penalties form fill in the Employee field – select the particular employee to be assigned an award or a penalty.

If that employee has already been assigned any manual awards or penalties, then, when selecting that employee, his previous awards and penalties will be displayed in the right column.

Fill in the Type field – select the type of an award or a penalty to be assigned.

Enter the amount of the award or the penalty into the Amount field.

If a fixed penalty is being assigned, the Amount field will be filled in automatically.

When necessary, a comment may be added to the Comment field.

To assign an award or a penalty, tap on the green check mark button. To cancel the operation, tap the red cross button.

The materials are prepared in collaboration with R-Keeper Finland, Pankkih Oy, the authorized dealer