Obtaining Master Licenses

You need a master license to generate an active license for the cash server.

Online licensing is applied by default for versions older than You need an internet connection to generate online keys.

Manager station settings

To license the cash server:

  1. Specify the Enterprise Code and the Object Code.

    1. Specify the Corporation Code from the licensing system into the Enterprise Code parameter. To do that, go to Settings > Parameters > Installation and enter the number into the Integer field. 
    2. The Object code from the license system should be specified in the restaurant properties.
      To do that, go to Service > Stations and Devices and select the required restaurant.
    3. Enter your object code in the Code field.
    4. Confirm and save the changes.
  2. Generate a security key. 
    Both physical and virtual security keys can be used to license the cash server. Let's start with virtual keys.
    1. Select the required cash server and find the Licensing - Common section
    2. Left-click on the Protection Key Actual Number
    3. Press the
      button to generate a key code and click OK
    4. Generate the key code. The license will be linked with this key.
    5. Save changes.

  3. Generate a license request code.
    1. Right-click on the cash server > Actions > Generate License Request

    2. Under the Protection Key Actual Number a new License Request Data field will appear:

  4. Copy the license request code and go to the licensing system.
  5. Generate an active license in the licensing system.
  6. Enter the license key code into the License Key field and save changes.
  7. If needed, agree with the confirmation.
  8. The changes will be applied and the Expiration Date and Station Counts fields will appear in the Licensing - Cash Stations section. 
  9. The cash server has been licensed.

Additional information

You can license the cash server for 0 stations. This can be useful in some cases.

If you need to extend the license, generate a license request for the existing key. The generated code in the licensing system will serve as the license extension code.