The process of closing the general shift is

  • Either manual — clicking the Closing Common Shift button at the cash station
  • Or automatic — at a certain specified time.

To enable automatic closing, open the manager station, go to Options > Parameters and edit two parameters:

  1. All > Enterprise working settings > Common Shifts > Common shift autoclose: choose the Close at defined time value
  2. All > Enterprise working settings > Common Shifts > Auto Close At: specify the time (if set to 24:00, ignored).

Below are the life cycle diagrams of the common shift after closing:

  1. Closing the common shift at the cash station and processing the shift file on the cash server
  2. Shift processing on the reference server
    загрузка (1).png


  • Errors in generating the common shift file on the cash server:
    See the instructions in Recovering Shift after Daily Closing
  • Errors in transferring the common shift file from the cash server to the report server
  • Shift processing errors on the report server:
    • The shift is not uploaded to the cumulative database
      • Run the check on the latest available r_keeper 7 software version (update)
    • The shift is uploaded, but the data in the reports is not correct.